miércoles, 13 de diciembre de 2017

Arsies' Painting ToolBox Second edition

The second edition of Arsies' Painting ToolBox is almost ready. We'll send it to the printer in a few days and it will be available 1st quarter 2018.

This redesign of the first edition includes the same content as the first one but revised and "remastered" (as classic ps2 games that are being released now to ps4, same game, better graphics, for those who miss the first one or want to have it a bit better).

We reach an agreement with a distributor for Spanish edition so we expect a preorder soon. Available in shops in February.

We are still looking for a distributor for English edition, we'll announce as soon as we reach an agreement. In any case, it will be available on my webpage as soon as I can handle the shop programming.

¿Quieres verlo en Español?

martes, 21 de noviembre de 2017

Victorian Wolverine

Today I want to show you some pictures of a mini I painted several months ago.

It was part of a project ruled by MuMi & Terrible Kids Stuff to create a series of vignettes with other painters of unique pieces (not available to the market, sorry) representing some of the current super Characters of the comic books in an old age customes.

My part was to paint Victorian Wolverine, hope you like it.

A couple of pictures more inside:

viernes, 27 de octubre de 2017

Zbrush: painting and Rendering

Well, we have the character more or less complete. There are 2 steps more: painting and rendering and preparing for production (if the character is going to be produced).

I ended this one just with rendering.

but, let's see a bit more of these steps

viernes, 20 de octubre de 2017

ZBRUSH: Detailing the character

In the last post, I show you my character posed. I told you there are 2 ways to continue, posing and detailing or detailing and posing. I choose the first one so now I have to finish all small details in the hole model.

So, now that I know the final pose, I need to repair everything that becomes broken during the previous stage. Now it's easier because the new Zbrush version (4R8) includes a new gizmo that makes the moving and posing steps much easier than in previous versions.