miércoles, 21 de agosto de 2019

Finishing the Aleph Army

For those who follow our Hydra Studio Facebook, those minis are not new as we were posting them continuously. For those who prefer to read a post like this briefing everything, let me present you the finished Aleph Army!

 Let's have a look at the last batch!

- Armed with a pistol, a boarding shotgun and an exquisite taste for the clothing, this mercenary (CSU) will be in charge of protecting the most important members of this band.

- This Dakini Tacbot equipped with a pistol and Combi Rifle is the perfect economic option to generate orders and occupy objectives.

- This one is equipped with a Sniper Rifle, and although this option is more expensive, it is also more dangerous. If you pay attention, you can realize that in the Dakinis don't use the red and purple contrast colours that are present in the rest of the army's miniatures. Don't they look colder and artificial this way?

- Shakti armed with an Mk12 sniper rifle and a knife. And for enemies who cannot knock down with their weaponry and their aim, she has a Killer Hacking Device.
If you look closely, in this miniature the purple contrast colour has been applied very subtly, in the details of the telescopic sight, the mask, and the base.
As a curiosity, the name of Shakti is a term that comes from Hinduism and is the word used to represent when the energy of a Deva (Male God) is personified as his wife in the form of a female Goddess.

- Post-humans are the next evolutionary stage of Humanity. Entities that live in cyberspace and that can be downloaded into artificial bodies to act on a physical level. A Post-human can deploy several of their bodies in the area of ​​operations, and jump from one to another, covering each other, to achieve designated objectives.

- Danavas are Maya’s Gestapo. ALEPH’s very own boogiemen, constantly prowling the data spheres. And you never want to find yourself in their naughty list. In actuality, they are specialized Aspects of ALEPH tasked with monitoring data networks for illicit or seditious activities and pursuing those responsible with the most extreme of prejudices. In fact, if the Danavas catch you, they won’t be content with killing you; they will purge you out of the informational domain. When they are done with you, nobody will even know you ever existed. How can they so remorselessly mete out such extreme form of punishment? Much like their namesakes from Vedic folklore, the Danavas are inhuman creatures.

Do you want to see them bigger? Click here:

lunes, 19 de agosto de 2019

Freak Wars Actividades de pintura

[ENG]: This time Allow me to post only Spanish, as this notice is mostly for Spanish readers as it's related to an expo in Madrid, Spain, soon.

Las Freak Wars están ya muy cerca!! El fin de semana del 14-15 de Septiembre (apenas 3 semanas quedan) se celebran en Madrid las Freak Wars cargaditas de Novedades!

La más importante es su nueva ubicación. Situadas esta vez en el Pabellón de Cristal de la Casa de Campo, las nuevas instalaciones profesionales cuentan con un mejor condicionamiento y ¡Aire Acondicionado! (seamos serios, hacía falta).

La siguiente que me atañe, es que Hydra Studio (y por tanto Arsies Studio) estarán allí con Stand, muy cerquita de la zona de pintura, Y esta vez si, presentaremos algunas novedades que espero os resulten interesantes.

Por último, me gustaría señalar que Freak Wars ha hecho un gran esfuerzo por potenciar las actividades y el concurso de pintura, Han seguido las recomendaciones hechas por los profesionales del sector y han conseguido la colaboración de algunos grandes nombres tanto Nacionales como Internacionales que estarán presentes allí. Mención Especial a Francesco Farabi (Kimera Models), que viene desde Italia con la carta de presentación de ser uno de los organizadores y jefe de jurados de Monte San Savino, uno de los concursos más prestigiosos del mundo, y que impartirá una ponencia gratuita y una masterclass. ¡No os la perdáis!

Puestos a no perderse, tampoco os perdáis la mía, pasaremos un ratito agradable el sábado a partir de las 10,30. Además formaré de nuevo parte del jurado del concurso de pintura.

También dispondremos de libros en venta en nuestro Stand, aprovechad para llevaros el vuestro firmado o traéroslo si ya lo tenéis para que os lo dedique.

Nos vemos allí!

jueves, 4 de julio de 2019

A bit more of the Aleph Army

Hi People.

While in our Facebook at Hydra Studio we were unlocking slowly those minis, I choose to keep them a bit more and post there in a bigger batch.

During past week we unlocked several new ones:

- Pay attention to the illumination of the base of this Dakini Tacbot. Generally, these types of remotes form the backbone of Aleph's forces, due to their variety of combat options and their cost of economic deployment.

Aleph Apsara Cyberdancer, equipped with a Submachine Gun. The main function of this light infantry is to improve the combat skills of the remote

The heavy hitters arrive! we reveal this Asuras. At the customer's request, for painting this force an army scheme with the details in blue was chosen. It is an original and atypical choice, which undoubtedly contrasts brilliantly with the whites and greys of the rest of the miniature.

Shukra Consultant armed with a boarding shotgun, and here we have half of the army unlocked!

From the shadows emerges this Authorized Bounty Hunter ready to shoot with her sniper rifle. This soldier of fortune is only interested in having a good pay, so save yourself the ideals and the propaganda when you try to recruit her.

Do you want a closer look?

Interview with The Big 3 (Only Spanish)

Hola gente!

Hace mucho que no publico  en Español, pero dado que esta noticia va referida únicamente a hispanohablantes, pues creo que sería un poco absurdo hacerlo en Inglés.

Hace un par de semanas fuí invitado al podcast The Big 3 junto a mi CEO en Hydra Studio Rubén Sarria para hbalar un pcoo del estudio, mi trayectoria profeszional, mis planes de futuro y mi ya prolongada ausencia del circuito de concursos.

Es un programa que escucho habitualmente ya que El Big 3 son buenos amigos desde hace mucho tiempo (Volomir, Paloji, y Karaikal), "magistralmente" (xD) dirigidos por Nor que intenta poner algo de orden. Hacía mucho tiempo que tenía gana de ir y por fín se ha terciado (aunque encontrar fecha ha sido más complicado de lo habitual).

Son 2 horitas de programa, es entetenido y ligero, y aunque Rubén se vió envuelto en algunos problemas técnicos (en la grabación se le escucha bien, pero en directo su discurso era incomprensible), se dejan caer algunas pinceladas de conversacion interesantes, siempre envueltas en el típico humor que carácteriza este PodCast.

¡¡No os lo perdais!!


miércoles, 19 de junio de 2019

Unlocking some Aleph painted minis

The shadows are being cleared to reveal another figure  I painted at the Paint Department of Hydra Studio. 

Pay attention to the illumination of the base of this Dakini Tacbot. 
Generally, these types of remotes form the backbone of Aleph's forces, due to their variety of combat options and their cost of economic deployment.

the second piece of the Aleph Set It's a limited edition miniature, which could only be achieved during the pre-orders of Beyond Red Veil. The Operatives of the Corporate Security Unit (CSU) are hired for commercial, industrial or private tasks, they form VIP escort and protection details and defend vital facilities with seamless professionalism.

The central figure is a Spotbot accompanied by two Netrods. That their adorable appearance doesn't deceive you, is sending your exact coordinates to its sniper!

Do you want to see them individually?