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Recently the web page reached 1.000.000 visitors! I couldn't offer anything to celebrate it until now as I was so busy, but with 19.000 visitors delay, I thought this Guilliman's SBS could be a great addition and close the drought of new tutorials the web had.

Do you want to read it?

I started with a matt black basecoat over the hole model. It's not my usual way to work, but I noticed this worked great with my Ultramarines.

The first step is to apply a general airbrush coat of Dark Sea Blue (Vallejo)

And a second general airbrush coat of Enchanted Blue. In both cases, I try to not cover the inner Shadows.

From above (Cenital) I  Applied an airbrushed coat of Hawk Turquoise.

And a smaller second one of Ice Blue

I start to highlight with Pale GreyBlue (Vallejo)

And finish with LIghtpoints of pure White. Until now I only used Airbrush.

I apply a new matt black basecoat to other elements.

And a mixture of English Uniform (Vallejo) & Tausept Ochre (Citadel) to paint the gold's base.

We'll see the NMM process into the Eagle.

First light using brush was done just with Tausept Ochre.

Second light, with Brush, was done mixing slowly Iyander darksun first and later adding Ice Yellow. I don't care so much about cleaning, we'll do later with glazes.

Last lights were done mixing Ice Yellow & Ivory. I also applied another Matt Black basecoat to blue areas.

I painted Shadows with airbrush first with a mixture of Tausept Ochre & Scorched brown, and finally just with Scorched Brown.

Now it's time to clean. I used Vermin brown to give it a bit orange feeling and clean with glazes all the medium tone. I painted outlines with Ice Yellow & Ivory.

We can see how it looks in the Main Body.

To paint the white elements I used a base of Dheneb Stone. We don't need to paint them in White, they just need to look white in our atmosphere. 

Highlights were done with Ivory and Shadows were painted using Burnt Umber.

I used different mixes of greys to paint some details and NMM.

The sword has a Basic Red (Andrea) Basecoat. I played mainly with brush and a final airbrush coat. I also let the airbrush to reach slightly the closer areas to start to create a small OSL.

Using Airbrush I highlighted it with Vermin Brown, Iyander Darksun & Ice Yellow.

I also painted Shadows with Airbrush using Chaotic Red (Army Painter) & Matt Black.

The flames of the sword were painted with the brush using the same colors as the blade.

And finally, I painted the base using more desaturated colors than in the hole mini.

So here it is.

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  1. Muy interesante, gracias por el articulo

  2. Genial como todos. Gracias por no abandonar los tutoriales de la web. Me parece un detallazo.

  3. Que bueno está!. Muy didáctico el tutorial, genial!

  4. Magnífico trabajo. Hay una errata en el texto, es whole y no hole. Muchas gracias por compartir, maestro


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