lunes, 1 de abril de 2024

Ork Megadread

 This is a huge project I was requested to paint recently. I always loved orks and how funny they can be adding some small scenes to a big one, there are always chaos around orks, goblins and gretchings!!

The request was simple: an Ork Megadread, with magnetized arms so it can be exchangeable for other weapong settings, GD level or close to it, with a red color scheme, and a couple of OSL and detachable smoke from exhausts.

Gretchings are at my own, making a small scene where they use the big Megadread engine to power a teleporter in the base while 2 mechanic gretch's work on it. so, Mega is not on battle, instead it is on a supplies stop. I had to cut and resculpt a new hip to fit the inclinated base, something that was easier than expected as a little chaos with tons of wires and pistons are always very orkish.

My intention was to put even more things but I went out of room very quickly xD

Hope you like it.