miércoles, 19 de junio de 2019

Unlocking some Aleph painted minis

The shadows are being cleared to reveal another figure  I painted at the Paint Department of Hydra Studio. 

Pay attention to the illumination of the base of this Dakini Tacbot. 
Generally, these types of remotes form the backbone of Aleph's forces, due to their variety of combat options and their cost of economic deployment.

the second piece of the Aleph Set It's a limited edition miniature, which could only be achieved during the pre-orders of Beyond Red Veil. The Operatives of the Corporate Security Unit (CSU) are hired for commercial, industrial or private tasks, they form VIP escort and protection details and defend vital facilities with seamless professionalism.

The central figure is a Spotbot accompanied by two Netrods. That their adorable appearance doesn't deceive you, is sending your exact coordinates to its sniper!

Do you want to see them individually?

martes, 11 de junio de 2019

New Army: What's going on?

During the next weeks, we will be showing a project by the Hydra Studio painting team. It is about this mysterious army composed of 16 figures of a well-known game. 

Do you recognize any of the silhouettes?

lunes, 10 de junio de 2019

Kingdom Death Necromancer

A couple of weeks ago I finished this Commission work done in our headquarters at Hydra Studio; This time I had to paint another Kingdom Death mini, a Necromancer.

Again, assembling and pinning this very thin and fragile miniature was very hard and stressing, but needed to protect it against shipping.

Painting it was easy considering the number of details those minis have and the freehand requirements from the customer, but once done, she looks awesome, don't you think?

More pics after the break