sábado, 24 de diciembre de 2016

Closed for Christmas

Recently I'm updating not so much this blog. This is due the amount of work I had with my book's release. Hard work is done now so I can take some relaxing days. This is why Arsies Studio will keep closed until 9th January.

This doesn't mean that I'm not be working. I still have a lot of work to do with the book and some minis to paint, is just that I'm going to work less hours and maybe I'll take some time to reply emails.

Happy Christmas!

jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2016

Arsies' Painting Toolbox- Preorders CLOSED

Time is over. If you missed the preorders, you'll have to wait until spring :)

Thank you so much to everyone that trusted this project.

miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2016

Arsies' painting Toolbox - Last 24 Hours!

We are entering the last 24 hours to preorder this book!. If you missed the kickstarter campaing, but you are still interested, click HERE

domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2016

Arsies' Painting Toolbox. Last Chance!

Kickstarter campaign ended successfully past Friday!

Did you miss it? there is still a chance to get your book. Hurry up!

martes, 15 de noviembre de 2016

Monte San Savino 2016

I always love to go to Monte. For me, this is not a contest at all. It's more like the "Annual Modelling Dinner". A place to share with other professionals and enthusiasts our impressions about how everything is going on.

And for sure this year was as good as any other one.

viernes, 21 de octubre de 2016

Arsies' painting Toolbox Monograph funded!

A single week since the Kickstarter campaign to pre-order the painting monograph started and we almost unlocked all Stretch Goals!

Click on the image to go to KickStarter

sábado, 15 de octubre de 2016

Painting Monograph "Arsies' Painting Toolbox" is now live!

Time is now! Finally, you can preorder the new Javier Gonzalez 'Arsies' Monograph through Kickstarter!

Just CLICK HERE and share if you like it!. We have a lot of extra content for you if you help us to fund this project.

But don't you know what are we talking about?

jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016

Arsies' Painting Toolbox monograph release date

Finally, my painting monograph is round the corner! This Saturday at 12:00 (gmt +2 central Europe: Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Rome) will be launched the Kickstarter crowdfunding web to preorder it.

Learn my way of painting, knowledge and technics and add some tools to your resources while painting miniatures!

Hey hey hey, what's that? I didn't notice! can you explain a bit more?

sábado, 8 de octubre de 2016

What's that "Kickstarter thing"?

With the next release of my monograph (remember, next 15th October), a few people wrote me to ask what is that "kickstarter thing" and how can they buy a book. Let's try to explain it:

jueves, 6 de octubre de 2016

Arsies' Painting Toolbox: Kickstarter announcement

Soon, very Soon! in fact, in less than 10 days my Kickstarter campaign to release my painting monograph will be beginning if nothing goes wrong.

Do you want to know more?

viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016

"The Quest" 35 mm Nyr

I suppose some of you already Know "Nocturna Models" a Spanish brand that creates fantastic fantasy miniatures in several scales.

My 35 mm version

miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2016

Kingdom Death: Monster Fighter Pinup

Love the manga styled minis a lot.
Kingdom Death is one of those brands that made things funny and exclusive, like this one.

jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2016

ACHILLES V2; Infinity WarCrow

This is the second one of my entries to WarCrow contest during Interplanetario Infinity done in Vigo (Spain) last weekend of august.
Also, it's the one I spent more time during painting of my entries.

jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2016

Infinity: Yu-Jing Sectorial Starter Pack: For Sale

I want to introduce today a recently finished painting job on an Infinity The Game Sectorial Starter Pack: Yu-Jing, showed live in Interplanetary event.

Also, I want to announce that this squad is For Sale

So if you are interested, please 

martes, 30 de agosto de 2016

Infinity interplanetario 2016

Last weekend in Vigo (Spain) lot of Wargame fans were placed to combat in the Final Season event of Infinity the game at their biggest tournament of the year: Interplanetario.

I'm not going to lie you explaining things about the tournament or the game: I've no idea about that, I've always been a terrible gamer and in case of Infinity I don't know the rules either, even having the N2 rulebook.

But I love the minis, I love the gaming tables, I love the events and I love the Gold, Silver & Bronze painting Contests. And, casually Corvus Belly (Infinity's developer brand) wanted to introduce ourselves their first annual painting contest included in the Interplanetario: The WarCrow

lunes, 8 de agosto de 2016

New minis with BigChild showed in GenCon

[En] Past weekend we could see one of the biggest events in the world related with the board games and hobby, the GenCon in USA.

It's a place where usually the brands place in their showcases some news upcoming in the next few months, but where you can preview them exclusively, unless until the pictures start to ride internet.

martes, 2 de agosto de 2016

The Arsies's Painting Toolbox

[En] Today I want to talk about one of the biggest projects I ever did. There was more then a year ago when I started to work on it and there is not going to be completely finished until starting next year, there is still a lot of work to do.

But today I reached an inflection point. I wrote the last page of the first uncorrected version of my future painting and modelling book inside who I fill with my way to see everything I learned until today.

jueves, 30 de junio de 2016

EBAY: Space Hulk Terminator

[Es] La semana pasada decidí pintar un Exterminador Ángel Sangriento de Space Hulk como medio para sacar unas fotografía para un tutorial de aerografía. Será parte del libro que publique (si todo sale bien) a final de año.

Evidentemente la figura cumplió su propósito y ya no me es útil, por lo que he decidido retomar un formato de venta que tenía olvidado desde hace muchos años, la subasta en ebay.

martes, 14 de junio de 2016

Private Workshop with JuanMa

[Es] Parece que los cursos personalizados están en auge. Cada vez son más los aficionados que escogen este tipo de clases particulares en lugar de un curso intensivo grupal de fin de semana.

jueves, 2 de junio de 2016

GK Paladin

[Es] hace un par de semanas me pidierón que pintase un paladín caballero gris utilizando mi viejo esquema de color (podéis leer una guía AQUI) para un nuevo cliente.

Es un proceso ligero ya que he pintado muchisimos en el pasado, asíq ue solo era repetirlo de nuevo, puedo hacerlo con los ojos cerrados, pero lo que no recordaba es que hace mucho de mi último marine espacial y lo divertido que es pintar una servoarmadura :)

[En]A copuple of weeks before I was requested to paint a GK paladin using my old painting scheme for a new costumer (You can see a painting guide HERE)

It was a light painting as I did a lot of them in the past, so there was just repeting, i can do it with the eyes closed, but anyway, it was a long since my last space marine and i didn't remeber how fun is to paint a servoarmour :)

miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2016

Feliz día del Orgullo Friki

[Es]Hoy es 25 de mayo. tal día como hoy hace un huevo de años (en 1977 para ser exactos, yo no había ni nacido aún) se estrenó en cines por primera vez STAR WARS. Tal es la razón por la que el día del orgullo friki se celebra hoy.

[En] Today is 25th may, this is the day long long time ago in a far far galaxy (1977 to be precise, I didn't born yet even) where a new film come to cinemas: STAR WARS. This is the reason why Geek pride day is today

Pero no todo lo friki es Star Wars; Hoy en día ser Friki es más bien una forma de vida, pero no tan alternativa como era antes, cuando un pequeño grupo se reunía para jugar a rol y eran ignorados e incomprendidos por todo el mundo. Hoy jugar a videojuegos es ser friki, ver pelis de ciencia ficción es ser friki, jugar a Magic es ser friki, y leer comics, que lo hacía todo el mundo cuando eramos pequeños hace unos pocos años, pero es que ¡seguimos haciendolo! y nos da igual lo que piensen los demás.

Ahora vemos pelis de superheroes en el cine, tenemos pelis Star Wars nuevecitas, y de Star Trek, ¡incluso van a reeditar Volton!

But not all Geek is Star Wars; Today be geek is more a lifestyle, but not as alternative as it was, where a small group closes the door to play rolegames being ignored and missunderstood by everyone. Today we  play videogames and we're geek, play magic and be geek, read comics and be geek, that everyone did a few years ago, but now.. we keep reading! and we don not care about what other people thinks about.

Now we have Superhero movies on Cinema, new star wars movies, new star trek movies, even a new Voltron serial!

Podemos jugar a rol sin miedo al rechazo, jugar Kingdom Hearts o Mario Kart sin parecer infantiles, gastarte los cuartos en Magic sin que nadie le parezca raro. Es más algunos incluso podemos pintar muñequitos como profesión y nadie nos quita la cara (aunque la pregunta de ¿y de eso se puede vivir? no nos libramos aún.. Por cierto, no, salvo que tu pareja tenga un curro wapo pa compensar)

Me vais a permitir que publicite un poco una web de la que me nutro habitualmente (no no me pagan, ni siquiera saben que lo hago, pero curran bien y eso me basta), porque han compartido un video chulo.

We can play rolegames without fear, play Kingdom Hearts or Mario Kart without seem childist. Spend lot of money in Magic and nobody thinks it's weird. Even more, some of us can paint tiny toys and nobody looks other side (even if we still need to hear the question.. And that you can live of? by the way, no, unless your wife have a good work to balance)

Please let me make some advertising of a web where I buy a lot of material (they do not pay me, they neihter know I'm doing, but they work fine and that's enough) because they shared a very good video:

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016

Big Child Creatives

[Es] Supongo que todos conocéis Big Child Creatives. Para los que no, quizás os suene Black Sailors, o Rum & Bones, o Dark Age, entre otros. Big Child es el estudio creativo que se encarga de la pintura de los boxart de estas gamas. Hacen otras cosas, como diseño, escultura o producción, pero lo que me interesa es hablar del departamento de pintura de esta empresa fundada por Jose Manuel Palomares en Madrid.

[En] I suppose all of you know Big Child Creatives. For those who not, maybe you know Black Sailors, Rum & bhones or Dark Age, and some others. Big Child is the creative studio that is currently painting those boxarts. They do other things as design, sculpture or producction, but I'm interested in talking about painting department of this enterprise funded by Jose Manuel Palomares in Madrid.

[Es]Algunos nombres conocidos colaboran allí bajo la tutela de Rubén Martínez, como Sergio Calvo, Marc Masclans y otros,  y desde hace un par de meses como freelance, Arsies Studio, o sea yo, Javier González.

Esto no quiere decir que vaya a cerrar el estudio independiente, de momento soy colaborador externo a tiempo parcial, eso supone para mi la gran ventaja de tener un trabajo más estable y seguir pudiendo atender a clientes particulares con necesidades particulares.

Esta es una de las razones por las que he mostrado tan poco trabajo últimamente, ahora tengo que trabajar con ellos con un estilo diferente al mío y amoldarme a plazos de producción, en algunos casos con meses de antelación a que el producto vea la luz, y por tanto, no puedo enseñarlo.

Algunas de mis primeras colaboraciones ya han salido a la luz, durante la campaña de kickstarter de Rum & Bones second tide, todas ellas miniaturas extra desbloqueables. Os muestro algunas de ellas. Las fotos son obra del estudio de fotografía de BigChild en Madrid:

[En] Some known names cowork there under the direction of Rubén Martinez as Sergio Calvo, Marc Masclans, and others, and, since a couple of months as freelance, Arsies Studio, that's me, Javier González.

This is not meaning i'm going to close my independent studio, by now I'm half time external cooperator. This means for me the great advantage of having a more stable work and still be able to attend particular customers with particular neededs.

That's another reason why I posted not so many work lately, now I've to work with them in a different style from mine and adapt to production deadlines, some times months before product see light, so I can't show it.

But a couple of works I did are online now, during Kickstarter's Rum & Bones second tide campaign, as extra unlockable miniatures. I can show you some of them. Those great pictures were made on the Big Child's photo studio in Madrid.

martes, 10 de mayo de 2016

What's going on?

[Es] La frecuencia de actualizaciones del Blog esta cayendo en picado, el obvio y todos lo habréis notado. Muchos os preguntaréis si Arsies Studio esta cerrando poco a poco, si las múltiples dificultades para sobrevivir en este medio han conseguido por fin ahogar a uno más de tantos que han decidido probar suerte en otros campos.

Bueno, pues no, me gusta mi trabajo, me encanta lo que hago, peeeero no siempre puedo enseñar todo lo que hago. Y a veces muero de rabia porque hay cosas chulas :)

Es cierto también que hay altibajos, siempre los hay, pero tengo un montón de cosas encima de la mesa, la mayor parte no verán nunca la luz, o quizás si, cuando se me termine de caer el pelo, quien sabe, pero sigo al pie del cañón, aunque esté algo escondido.

[En] Update frecuency on the blog is falling down critically, it's obvious and all of you noticed it. Some of you could be asking if Arsies Studio is closing a bit more each day, maybe the amounth of difficulties to survive on this media could at last drown one more of those many that decided to try in other jobs for better chances.

Well, that's not the case, I like my job, I love what I do, buuuuut I can't alwais show what I'm doing. And somethimes I dead of anger because some of them are pretty cool :)

It's true too that there are ups and downs, there alwais be, but I have a lot of things over my desk. Most of them will never see light, or maybe yes when I have no more hair, who knows, but I'm still stand up and living, even if I'm a bit hidden.

martes, 26 de abril de 2016


[Es] El mes pasado fué una locura. Pinté 10 boxarts de 30mm (y alguna cosa más) en 30 días. Poco o nada se ha visto aún, y espero, poco a poco, poder actualizar y mostrar estos trabajos. Algunos de ellos tremendamente bonitos.

De momento os dejo este encarte doble para Fantastic Courses, dos preciosas figuras de 30mm esculpidas por Pedro Fdez. que representan una nueva interpretación de Jack "El destripador" como un cazador de monstruos. En este caso, la "prostituta" es una mujer lobo, a la que Jack va a combatir con magia.

Espero que os guste. Para ambientar un poco he añadido con photoshop un par de globos de luz que complementen el OSL.

[En] past month was crazy. I painted 10 30mm boxarts (and something else) in 30 days. Almost nothing was seen yet, and i hope bit a bit to update and show those projects, some of them really beautiful.

By now, I painted this double boxart to Fantastic Courses, 2 great 30mm sculpted by Pedro Fdez that shows us a new concept for Jack "The ripper" as a monster hunter. This time the "prostitute" is a werewolf that jack is going to fight with magic-

hope you like them. I powered the OSL effects with a glow globe done with photoshop.

miércoles, 6 de abril de 2016

Scale Model Handbook nº16

[Es] Muchos de vosotros ya habréis leido alguna de mis colaboraciones con SMH de Mr.Black Publications; Son colaboraciones esporádicas para una revista de gran calidad que aunque está enfocada más al histórico, siempre intenta incluir uno o dos artículos de fantasía del más alto nivel.

En el número anterior publiqué un artículo sobre la conversión y creación de escenas usando mi Rhino! como ejemplo incluyendo un paso a paso. En este número hablo sobre la pintura de la misma escena.

Si eso no es suficiente aliciente para comprarlo, seguro que alguno de sus otros artículos os puede resultar útil :)

[En] Most of you maybe have in your hands some of my old colaborations with SMH from Mr.Black Publications: They are some esporadic cooperations I do for a great quiality magazine focused more on historical, but that alwais try to include one or two fantasy articles from the very best level.

In the past number I published an article talking about scene creations and miniature conversions using my Rhino! as example and includid an step by step. In this number I complete that article talking about painting.

If this is not enought for you to buy it, then I'm sure the other articles may be useful for you :)

martes, 29 de marzo de 2016

Sanguinor V2.

[es] Hace ya unos años que pinté la primera versión de este Sanguinor, una mini chula de Games Workshop (y que afortunadamente aún se puede conseguir en metal buscando un poco).

Me han pedido que repita exactamente la misma versión de la mini, así que me puse a ello y aquí la tenéis, totalmente pintada en metal no metalico y alas (y espada) de energía.

Espero que os guste.

[En] There were some years ago that I painted my first version of tis great mii, Sanguinor, from Games Workshop (and that fortunately there can be still found in White Metal if you look for a bit).

I was requsted to repaint one more exactly the same as my old one, So I started some days ago and here you are, completely pinted in non metallic metal and wings (and sword) from energy.

hope you like it.

jueves, 17 de marzo de 2016

Redemption by PfWorks

[Es] Cuando Pedro Fdez me enseñó su próxima novedad solo pude pensar... "estas mal de la cabeza tio", pero como no es ninguna novedad pues al lio xD

Pedro es un escultor como pocos, capaz de hacerle difícil al pintor la figura más sencilla o hacerte sencilla la cosa más rara que haya salido de su tórrida mente. Todos sabeis que no soy un pintor muy de color, soy más bien de atmosfera y realismo, así que mi confusión al pedirme que pintase yo esta novedad era evidente, pero Pedro es un tío que sabe lo que quiere y que por algún extraño motivo confía en mi para hacerlo, no suele ponermelo fácil, pero la verdad es que me obliga a salir de mi "zona cómoda" (curioso que este fín se semana he escuchado eso varias veces) y suelen salir cosas muy bonitas.

Para mas complejidad, el esquema de color que a mi me gustaba lo estaba pintando Ivan Hortal, con lo que me tocaba el otro, pero que le vamos a hacer :)

Lo curioso es que al final la cosa ha salido muy bien, la figura es muy bonita y limpia y se pinta rápido. Espero que os guste, y si eso, acercaros a SU BLOG (medio en construcción) y comprad una o dos, que este tio me da de comer :)

PD: Además son limitadas.

[En] When Pedro fdez showed me his next release I just could think ... "this guy has something wrong on his mind", but as this is not anything new it was not a surprise xD

Pedro is al excelent sculptor able to do the simpler mini hard to painter or making easy the extrangest think coming out of his mind. You all know I'm not a very colorful painter, I'm much more of athmosphere and realism, so I was a bit shocked when he request me to paint this release, but Pedro is a guy who relly knows what he want and because some reasons that hide from my compression, he trust relly in me to do them. He don't used to make it easy for me because he forces me to go out my confort zone (Curious I heard that many times this weekend) and at last beautiful thinks come out.

To do it more complex, the color scheme I liked was being painted by Ivan Hortal, so I had to do the another one, That's life.

At the end everything went right and the mini is beautiful and clean and very fast to paint. Hope you like it, and if so, go to HIS BLOG (half constructed) and buy one or two, that guy gives me my food :)

PD: and they are limited

martes, 15 de marzo de 2016

I'll Protect you

[Es] Hoy me gustaría enseñaros otro de esos proyectos que no son muy habituales por la cantidad de trabajo que llevan. "I'll Protect you" ("Os protegeré").

Es una escena que, como todas las que llevan tanto trabajo, evoluciona con el tiempo y acaba siendo algo diferente a la idea inicial. Comenzó como una versión de "Treasure Hunter", la escena que preparé con Fran Gil para San Savino el año pasado. Tenía por casa el Rinoceronte de Allan carrasco que esculpió para Studio McVey y quería hacer algo parecido con él, en un ambiente desertico. La cosa fué derivando de una escena vertical como la original a lago más horizontal. 

La idea final es que el Rinoceronte se ha acercado a beber agua a una de las pocas charcas que hay en la Savanna africana con su pequeño, pero se ha visto sorprendido por un depredador en busca de cena que merodea por la zona sabedor de que todos los animales necesitan acercarse a beber en algún momento.

Para completar esta escena he esculpido desde cero la cría de rinoceronte, mientras Pedro Fdez me hacía un favor  (que ya me cobrará) conversionando al hombre toro de Spehere Wars en algo mucho más amenazador (y la verdad es que mete miedo). He trabajado en esta escena 29 días completos, unas 230 horas, mucho más de lo que normalmente dedico a cualquier otro proyecto, pero aunque creo que podría haber quedado mejor con un poco más de color, la verdad es que creo que es uno de mis mejores trabajos.

Espero que a vosotros también os guste.

[En] Today I want to show you another of those projects that i don't do more often due amounth of work they need: "I'll protect you"

It's a scene that, as those all who have so many work, evolves with time and at the end becomes to be something totally different from the first idea. This one started to be as another version of "treasure hunter", scene I did with fran Gil to enter to monte San Savino past year. I had at home that Rhino-man sculpted by Allan Carrasco to Studio McVey and i wanted to do somethig in that way with him, in a more desertic ambience. At the end it turned from a vertical scene to an horizontal one.

Final idea is that the rhino went to drink water with the baby to one of those not fecuent laggons in African's Savanna and they become surprised by a Predator looking for dinner that was hunting in that zone knowing all aniumals need to drink from there soon or later.

To complete this scene I sculpted from zero the small rhino while Pedro Fdez did me a favor (that he's waiting to claim) conversioning the Sphere Wars Werebull into something more dangerous (and it's true it's scaring). I worked on this scene 29 days, more or less 230 hours, much more that I used to expend in other projects, but I think that even if It could be better with a bit more color, It deserved that work, and I'm very happy with it.

Hope you like it too.