sábado, 15 de octubre de 2016

Painting Monograph "Arsies' Painting Toolbox" is now live!

Time is now! Finally, you can preorder the new Javier Gonzalez 'Arsies' Monograph through Kickstarter!

Just CLICK HERE and share if you like it!. We have a lot of extra content for you if you help us to fund this project.

But don't you know what are we talking about?

During last one and a half years, I was writing a compendium of all my knowledge about miniatures painting and working on it to make a full book that could help other to improve their skills. Now it's done and ready to be released, but I need funds to do it so It will go live in a Crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter and this campaign starts this Saturday!

Sound Good. What's done and What's still to do?
Check this post and have a look at the previews: CLICK HERE

When and where will be released?
It's live NOW!! using Kickstarter. Delivery will be around March-April 2017. Just CLICK HERE or in the main image of this post!

What's that Kickstarter thing?
Kickstarter is an external Crowdfunding web I need to support the preorders system. Check this post to know more about: CLICK HERE

There is any preview of the printed book to chek it's quality?
Sure, you can check this video. Keep in mind this is an uncorrected printing test:

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