viernes, 6 de mayo de 2022

Marvel Zombies "Alive Characters"

During the last quarter of 2021 I was cooperating with Big Child Creatives painting some of the new game's miniatures.

Those are some of the 32 mm miniatures that represent alive characters (non zombies).

Hope you like them!

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lunes, 18 de abril de 2022

Web dominion migration

 In the next days (a week more or so) I'll migrate my web dominion to another server, so probably the DNS is not going to point correctly for a couple of days. It's something normal until all worldwide DNS servers refresh their data, so don't worry if the webpage is not available for a few days.

El los proximos días (en una semana más o menos) voy a migrar mi dominion web a otro servidor, asíq ue probablemente el DNS no va a apuntar correctamente durante un par de días. Es algo normal hasta que los servidores DNS alrededor del mundo actualicen sus datos. No os preocupeis si la página no está disponible durante unos días.

lunes, 21 de marzo de 2022

Marvel Zombies "Civilians"

 During the last quarter of 2021 I was cooperating with Big Child Creatives painting some of the new game's miniatures.

Those are some of the 32 mm miniatures that does not represent any Hero or Zombie, just "humans" that are important to the background.

Hope you like them!
#marvel #CMON #BigChildCreatives #miniaturepainting #paintingwarhammer #marvelzombies #zombicide

lunes, 14 de marzo de 2022

Kingdom Death: Flower Knight 54mm

This enigmatic knight is the source of many tales and the muse of many pieces of art. Its ethereal beauty is hard to capture and its swordplay is unmatchable. The Flower Knight expansion provides a new challenge for daring survivors. The monster rewards luck and punishes survivors who try to gang up on it. Its rewards explore the themes of addiction and short-term gain coupled with long-term losses.

The flower knight is a big Miniature for Kingdom Detah Board Game that is extremely complex and hard to paint. 

It meant for me a "back to the origins" painting style, far away from other works I was doing those times. Painted for a private collector as  commission. It was one of my last works from 2021.