viernes, 17 de marzo de 2023


 He was the first of his kind, and is the last of the Cythai still alive. All Ionrach bow before him, their one acknowledged leader, the eldest and greatest of their race. He is Volturnos, High King of the Deep, and he holds undisputed authority at the Idoneth’s assembrals. He rides to battle atop his Deepmare Uasall, and sends a surge of pride coursing through all who fight beneath him. A leader of legendary status, it is said that none can read the flow of battle better than Volturnos. He carries a sword known as the Astra Solus, which cuts through armour with ease, leaving a blazing trail of luminescence; and a shield which can swallow hostile magic, rendering it null – Volturnus is not content to lead his troops from afar.

Volturnos was a commission work I did some months ago and now rest on a private showcase. Not only I trtied to achieve a great color intensity, also I worked on fish texture using some "metallic dust" effect on the seahorse (or wahtever it is). Unfortunately is not noticeable so much in pictures offering a much better reflects in real life. 

miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2023

Arsies' Painting Toolbox Spanish OUT OF STOCK

 Yesterday the last unit of Arsies' Painting Toolbox in spanish was sold, so, as a discontinued product, is out of stock and will be no longer available for sale. Thank you so much to all of you who trusted me to learn a bit about miniature painting. Still a few english books in stock.

Ayer se vendió la última unidad de Arsies' Painting Toolbox en español, por tanto, como producto descatalogado y sin stock, no volverá a estar disponible para venta. Muchas gracias a todos los que habéis confiado en mí para aprender alguna cosa sobre pintar miniaturas. Aún tengo unos pocos ejemplares en inglés.

viernes, 3 de marzo de 2023

Ajax the great

 The alien threat is getting closer to the Human Sphere and, to defeat it, action must be taken quickly. That is why the A.I. Aleph created the sectorial army of the Mirmidons, great soldiers full of strength and passion. Among them stands out Ajax The Great, a character created by Aleph and inspired by Achilles.

This miniature was painted some time ago, started during a workshop and finished later some time after. I entered to Leganes contest in 2020 (last time I entered to a contest) and won silver at master fantasy painting. For some reason It was not posted yet.

It's a 90mm miniature from Luxumbra's range (based on Infinity the game). I remember it was a pleasure to paint and one of my fauvorite paintings last years. Hope you like it too.