lunes, 29 de abril de 2019

Mortarion Step by Step; Week 5

After a break of a couple of weeks, Mortarion is back to my painting table.

It's a hard and challenging miniature (maxiture), and often, painters need to stop and do something different when painting something like that. This is not an exception. I hope in a couple of weeks more I can say I accomplished this challenge.

Also, sometimes seems that we do nothing, but small details, almost imperceptible, took an incredible amount of time. This is the case this week. But, finally, I could finish the main body and I can focus now on painting spare parts that are easier to handle.

Let's see the steps done:

lunes, 15 de abril de 2019

Infinity Haqqislam Bike #3

And finally the last one of this batch of 3 Infinity's Haqqislam bikes!

This is the twin of the first one, and of course, she fits perfectly with her sister and her friend.  Together, they are a perfect speed group.

Hope you like them. Wich one do you prefer?

viernes, 12 de abril de 2019

Infinity Haqqislam Bike #2

This was the second Infinity's Haqqislam bike I painted in a batch with Hydra Studio;

As in the previous one, the colour scheme is the same, also, this one is a bit different as she is from another faction, but painted to fit in this one.

Hope you like it!

miércoles, 3 de abril de 2019

Infinity Haqqislam Bike #1

During those 3 months with Hydra Studio, We painted so many miniatures at request. Some of them are based on previous works done by me at Arsies Studio.

This one is from a batch of 3 bikes I painted from Infinity for a private collector. This is the first one as is basically the same as another one I painted some time ago.

Also, this one is the reference to use as a painting scheme in the other 2. Hope you like it!