martes, 26 de enero de 2021

Interview at Figure Mentors Magazine (issue 18)

Hi guys.

A couple of weeks ago Figure Mentors released their Fantasy Magazine Issue 18 and, for the first time during past years, I'm inside a magazine again. I do not participate so often writing articles or being interviewed, I'm not a mediatic person, but sometimes I accept to do it and honestly, it was a pleasure to chat with Jay.

Figure mentors wrote a 10 pages interview where we talk a bit about minis, live, future... everything in the usual ambience we can have around a bear or a cup of tea :-D I really recommend you to read it (and for sure, all other articles, that are excellent as always).

Right down here you can see the cover of the magazine and a couple of random pages from the interview just to taste it ;-)

domingo, 24 de enero de 2021

A month with no news.

 Hi guys. It has been an entire month without any post.

I'm fine, I'm alive xD. Just took a break, I extended a bit my Xmas holidays and been a bit hurt by the dentist (2 screws, I thought it was less, but...).

Obviously, 2020 was not the best year for anyone (well maybe yeah if you are a speculator or so...), neither for me. I couldn't accomplish my year's objectives of being more communicative on my networks. Also, Pandemic and having a child at home without school doesn't help, but soooo many people had this issue like me. At least I could train at home so I achieved to hit my goal of doing Crossfit 100 days (in fact, 151 days, 56 more than last year!). Sports are very important to keep healthy!

My purposes for 2021 (seeing how it's going) are kept alive and working. I started my first commissions of this year and hope to become faster as days pass and I can recover my routines.

Let's see if we can have some events this year, I really miss you and a lot of friends I can's see as often as previously.

And you? did you accomplish any of your year's goals?