miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2022

Kingdom Death White Speaker

 The White Speaker's face, hidden behind a veil aptly symbolizes the strange cult of towering women warriors. Their savage blood magic and battle readiness are notorious but almost nothing is known about the secrets that unite them.

Another commission miniature from the Kingdom Death range I paimnted recently for a private customer. A simple but pretty miniature that's going to look awesome on every table or cabinet.

miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2022


 There is one whom the Masters of the Dark Angels seek above all others. He is a being wrapped in shadow, an entity whose motives and methods are an enigma; even the name by which he is known alludes to concealment – though whether it is a metaphor or yet another conundrum is unknown. He is Cypher, and to the Dark Angels, he is nothing less than their most hated foe.

Let me introduce you one miniature I painted for a private collector that are one of my favourites this year: Cypher.

There was a long time since my last space marine, miniatures I always love to paint. This one was special for me as is not only one of my best ones, it's my first one in a high dynamic battle scene getting fire from enemy, a special effect I never tried before and thta works perfectly on this my in my oppinion.

Hope you like it as much as I do.

See it also on Putty & Paint:

martes, 15 de noviembre de 2022

VIII Certamen de modelismo Ciudad de Jerez

Este fin de semana se celebra en Jerez el VIII Certamen de Modelismo Ciudad de Jerez, un concurso que empezó siendo una apuesta pequeña y arriesgada y que poco a poco se ha consolidado hasta llegar a la que es hoy su octava edición.

Sin grandes alardes, a base de esfuerzo han ido mejorando poco a poco el equipamiento, la exposición y la asistencia, ya en ediciones anteriores pudimos ver obras de algunos de los grandes nombres del panorama nacional, subiendo el nivel de las obras expuestas año tras año.

Este año me acercaré como Jurado de miniaturas y prestaré algo de apoyo en la difícil labor de decidir cuál de entre tantas buenas obras merece premio o no.

Además me llevaré a exposición una pequeña selección de trabajos de mi colección personal que podrán verse durante la tarde del sábado.

¡Espero veros por allí!

miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2022

Kingdom Death Male Chef

 Chefs train from childhood to know the palate of a particular noble house by consuming a diet of table scraps and refuse. Each noble's favorite dishes reliably perfected through careful gustatory study. Great Game Hunters are so well nourished by their chefs that their bodies form dependencies on a chef's cooking. The health of a Great Game Hunter that loses their chef is sure to dwindle without an adequate replacement.

This kingdom death miniature, 30 mm size, was painted as commission during past months. Hope you like it!!