viernes, 28 de abril de 2017

ZBRUSH Practices.

Past January I started a Zbrush Master. It's keeping me busy so many time and even if I'm working extra hours (sometimes more than 12 each day, including weekends), I'm delivering much slower than I want to.

But it's starting to show results. Now I'm finishing my second practice, much simpler than the first one, but destinated to learn how to work with multiples pieces.

I think it's time to start to show you what I'm working on and studying for.

This is my First practice (I'll show you the second one as soon as I've it completely finished):


Recently I painted some Reaper old minis at an intermediate level. These minis are a bit old and have the vintage looking for those of you who entered into miniature hobby some years ago.

There are 5 in total. Do you want to see them?