lunes, 23 de julio de 2018

DeathWatch Squad.

Do you remember my latest Nurgle Squad?

Well, Customer was so happy to hire me again to paint this Space Marines DeathWatch Squad (well, almost a whole army, they are 855 points).

If the Nurgle guys were hard, those were almost harder. I went out of my comfort zone to paint a hard black reflective armor. And this time they were 13 miniatures instead 10!!

Of course, each one is painted at my best Golden Demon quality. They took me 10 weeks to complete them.

The customer also requested to paint chapter colors much richer than usual

Let's see them in closer pictures:

martes, 3 de julio de 2018

3 new Haqquislam minis

Hi all.

Slowly I keep painting the Haqquislam Infinity miniatures. This time I want to show you 3 special models that keep me busy a bit more than usual.

They are Zuleyka, Kasim and Tarik Mansuri. Do you want to see more views?