domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2022


 Este Año debido a una caída imprevista con las últimas lluvias he tenido que adelantar las vacaciones una semana, así que Feliz Navidad y Año nuevo a todos y nos vemos después de fiestas!

Hasta entonces la tienda online permanecerá cerrada, gracias por vuestra paciencia.

This year due to a fall with the last rains I had to advance the holidays a week, so Merry Christmas and New Year to everyone and see you after holidays!

Till then the online stroe will remain closed, than you for your patience.

martes, 13 de diciembre de 2022

Vandus Hammerhand

 Vandus Hammerhand is a sworn enemy of the Dark Gods. As Lord-Celestant of the hammers of Sigmar his warriors fight as one, energised by his purpose and might. Vandus was the first to tame a celestial Dracoth, and the first to harness the beast’s ability to breathe bolts of magical force. Respected by all, and trusted implicitly by Sigmar himself, he is haunted constantly by visions of his mortal tribe’s death – these visions spur him to astonishing acts of vengeance against Chaos in the Mortal Realms.

Vandus Hammerhand, iconic Lord-Celestant and stoic leader of many Stormcast Eternals victories, mounted on a powerful Dracoth. He wields a Tempestos Hammer in one hand and clutches the reins of this Dracoth in the other, with a banner of Sigmar streaming above his magnificent headgear. His dense armour is covered in hammer and lightning symbols – the lithe, furious form of the Dracoth is likewise encased in similar plate. 

Vandus Hammerhand was a private commission done for a collector this year. I do not have so many Games Workshop commissions lately, but I still enjoy painting this range of models so every oportunity is a time for fun to me. Hope you like it.

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