viernes, 3 de marzo de 2023

Ajax the great

 The alien threat is getting closer to the Human Sphere and, to defeat it, action must be taken quickly. That is why the A.I. Aleph created the sectorial army of the Mirmidons, great soldiers full of strength and passion. Among them stands out Ajax The Great, a character created by Aleph and inspired by Achilles.

This miniature was painted some time ago, started during a workshop and finished later some time after. I entered to Leganes contest in 2020 (last time I entered to a contest) and won silver at master fantasy painting. For some reason It was not posted yet.

It's a 90mm miniature from Luxumbra's range (based on Infinity the game). I remember it was a pleasure to paint and one of my fauvorite paintings last years. Hope you like it too.

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