jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2016

Infinity: Yu-Jing Sectorial Starter Pack: For Sale

I want to introduce today a recently finished painting job on an Infinity The Game Sectorial Starter Pack: Yu-Jing, showed live in Interplanetary event.

Also, I want to announce that this squad is For Sale

So if you are interested, please 

I painted this squad as one of my two entries I entered to Interplanetary's WarCrow painting contest. I think from all factions of the game, Yu-Jing is the one I like most, just for their designs.

Most work was done using H&S airbrush, looking for a very clean and technical finish, using a slightly modified official color scheme.

I really like it, but my intention from the beginning was to sell it to cover the trip's cost, something I used to do every time I travel to an event. usually, this is a good date to buy something, and the squad was good enough for judges to be rewarded with gold.

If you are interested, please check my Shop

And for those who dislike the edited backgrounds:

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