miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2016

Arsies' Painting Toolbog Monograph. LAST 48 HOURS!

 just want to remind to all of you that we are close to the end!

 As we are very close to the limit hour I want to remind you several things:

- Delivery Address is going to be asked after campaign and before sending final layouts to printer. Kickstarter will send to your mail a form that you MUST fill to complete your address and the Language you choose for your book or books. Please once you get it fill as soon as possible.

- If you are planning to move or something, don't worry. For now, just fill your current address and if later before shipping you want to change it you can write me to do manually. I'm not sure if we can manage the form's data as I can't access to that part of the control panel until campaign ends.

- Those are the VERY LAST 48 hours. This campaign does not have any post campaign lapse. There are not going to be Pledge Manager, BackerKit or any other post campaign tool. After this Friday you are NOT going to be able to get a book if you didn't during campaign.

- Current status is: Main Book Spanish layout: 100%; Main Book English Translation: 100%; Main Book Proofreading: 30%; Second Book Layout: 40%; Nyr DVD Filming: 100%; Nyr DVD editing: Nocturna Models manages this work, they told me yesterday they are on time. Examples DVD Filming: 80% I have to film again some parts are they were a bit blurry. Extra stuff: 10%; Final Production: 0% I estimate to send to printer around 20th December. DVDs are going to be burned and printed in January.

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  1. lo reserve!!!! lo voy a tener lo voy a tener!!!!

    Vi lo de San Savino y eres uno de los pintores mas wais del planeta tierra


    Estoy muy feliz con mucha ilusión las minis de este año me han dado la vida


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