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Monte San Savino 2016

I always love to go to Monte. For me, this is not a contest at all. It's more like the "Annual Modelling Dinner". A place to share with other professionals and enthusiasts our impressions about how everything is going on.

And for sure this year was as good as any other one.
I lied! this year was just a bit different because we arrived Roma on Friday morning so for the first time in several years we had some time to stop for lunch in a small village called Castello di Porto where we tasted our first authentically Italian carbonara.

After that, we gave a walk around the small old streets to make a better digestion. It's a place full of fantastic small streets to get lost (or at least to do it in summer).

We arrived monte with time enough to do for first time our inscription the same Friday so we save the long waiting of Saturday morning. We could see some interesting pieces too even if less than a half of the hole contest were placed yet.

For sure our first dinner is always at Pendolino's where you can taste very good food and they always have for us their best face and a smile :)

Saturday is the day to take some beers, look at the minis, meet people, have lunch... it's more or less the community day

Also I want to make a break to say I let one of the print samples of my monograph Arsies' Painting Toolbox (3 days left to finish the Kickstarter, hurry up!) at the entrance so everyone that wanted to check it in live before pledge can do to decide if the quality is enough or not.

And as announced on the campaign (update #19) I choose 2 displays between Standard categories that showed me more intention than just paint a mini fine to give them a special prize:

Sunday was a funny day. Pepe Gallardo was ruling a fast painting contest in the side room and some of our group joined to have a good time. Luis Gomez Pradal, Daniel Lopez Bustos and Myself decided to spent one-hour painting a mini. One of those small and funny cows from cow contest.

And of course, Luis tried to Cheat me! Cris was also our speaker and was always pushing us talking about the great minis other were painting at the same time.

Here's the picture of the participants. I'm sorry for those who I don't know their names, every one of you did a great job!

At last Pradal & me placed so we were awarded a wine and some Fuet that.. well didn't survive enough to take a good picture....

After lunch, we went to Award's ceremony that is, as always, soooo long, but very kindly.

Winning an award is very hard here, if you look at the bronze names it's easy to think that you'll never win anything here. In Monte, we can see always the best of the best. But as I told at the beginning, for me this is more a meeting than a contest. Anyway, everyone always wants to win something (Advice: next year instead medals, more Fuet!).

From us, Ferramis took Bronze, Pradal was Gold (as always), Sergio Calvo was Silver on painting and Best of Fantasy in open with a scene with Thor & Hulk. I placed Silver in painting (a bit more than deserved, there were better pieces that were bronze) with a display done with old 30mm minis I had in my showcase as the big guy I painted is a Boxart and I couldn't enter into contest ;)

Now it's time to work again. See you next year?

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  1. Que me hubiera gustado estar de nuevo este año ahí con vosotros... A ver si para el próximo año puede ser y repito porque definitivamente es el mejor concurso para asistir y para disfrutar de un gran finde.

  2. Que grande!!!Me lo he leído todo!! y me he ilusionado!!

    Que caña lo del fuet XDXD y la descripción de que es duro llevarse ya un bronce es el concurso de concursos es una verdad como un templo!!!!Se que es justo como en mis sueños!!!
    Aun no puedo creer que todos vayáis allí y que seáis vosotros...

    De todos modos tienes razón en lugar de medallas mas fuet XD hombre!
    Cual mini fue la que más te gusto a ti Arsies???

    1. A mi por pintura pura y dura el Barbararo de Lan Studio, fué medalla de platino en fantasía. Estaba a otro nivel, se nota que es una pieza muy cuidada y con muchas horas de trabajo en cada pequeño detalle.
      Por expresividad me encanto un diorama de warhammer en "ambiente" que representaba una ilustración en blanco y negro cobrando vida. Era una pieza muy sobria, original, con partes dibujadas y partes reales, pintada con un esquema armónico de paleta muy limitada, que siempre es muy complejo de realizar, y técnicamente bastante bueno. Además, diferente.

  3. Coincido contigo Javi, son las obras que mas me gustaron y sobre todo la de warhammer, en la que una pintura sencilla individualmente se convierte en un complejo proyecto y original en el que es dificil diferenciar donde empieza la ilustracion y acaban las minisaturas. Mi favorita en fantasia.

    El barbaro de Lan Studio me parecio una pasada ya cuando lo vi en facebook.

  4. Si si esas son increíbles!! las he visto y son una pasada la verdad destacan sobre todo la de Warhammer 40k en cuanto a originalidad

    Gracias por responder aun con lo atareado que estarás
    Felicidades por el KickStarter!!! y por la plata!!

    Un saludo


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