lunes, 4 de febrero de 2013

Coming soon

El tutorial en DVD con Miniature Mentor está casi completo, estad atentos a los próximos días!
DVD tutorial by Miniature Mentor is almost done, keep tunned next days!

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  1. It's been in "Coming soon" state for more then a week :(

  2. it's not easy to crop and edit more than 3 full days of work in about 4 hours, but don't worry, they said me that maybe next week will be avaiable :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your technique! It was very interesting to watch. Could you share names of the colors you used? The other guy keep saying it's not important, but actually it would be easier to follow the video if paints would be shown. Thanks again.

  4. dubik, i'm 100% against colur receipts, even if I could remember (that tutorial was recorded on summer) I think it's better if you can learn some color theory and try to see how color mixes works. Same color used over a different base will have a different looking, much more if you use them as filters, so in fact it's not importatnt at all if you are using cammo green or goblin green or gretchin green, I use to use the color I have in my palete, even if those are not exaclty the color I need, I just mix it with another one (that I already have in my palete too) to get the needed one.

  5. If I could easily mix the shade I see I probably wouldn't need this kind of videos :(

  6. haha, yeah I know that sensation, nobody born learned :)
    just want to say that it's more important to try and fail (and learn of that fail) that just use colors someone told without understanding why.
    Of course a lot of practice hours needed, but for now, this is a techical dvd, not a theoric dvd, just look at the use of the brush and airbrush no looking at the colors to copy that miniature, just look at the technics to blend or make same effects on other minaiture with different colors.

  7. Hei again Javier!
    I already ordered the same airbrush you are using (mine badger has too big needle) and about to get mr color thinner. However I couldn't figure out what was that bluish liquid. I guess something like Windex, but I can't find those in our shops, may be you are using some Spanish brand? Which one?

    And about thinner, do you happen to use Andrea Acrylic thinner? It seems to be based on something smelly. If yes, do you think it's possible to replace mr.color thinner with it?

  8. Hi dubik.
    The blue liquid is glass cleaner. You can use almost all of the market. I used once a "peach" one and for some months my miniatures smelled like a peach XD it was so strange....
    About thinner: I use mrcolor because it's better if you mix vallejo with citadel in the airbrush, with tamiya some mixes work perfect, but other colours react between them and citadel and stok the airbrush,but in general lines you can use mrcolor, tamiya (a little glossy effect), or new vallejo thinner (great looking, but a little more difficult to use). I didn't tried andrea's one. you can mix them too, I'm currently using 50% mrcolor, 50% tamiya


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