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V Infinity Interplanetario & III Warcrow

Hi people!

I'm back from Holidays and from Vigo, were the V Interplanetario was placed past weekend.

¿You still don't know what Interplanteario is? Really? But you know Golden Demon, aren't you? then you need to read this article.

Interplanetario is a special tournament of Infinity from Corvus Belli, that means the end of the current season as it's the Corvus Belli's official one placed in Vigo, Spain, very close to their headquarters.

Also, aside from the tournament, the official painting contest from Infinity's miniatures is the Warcrow, and it has the same format as Golden Demon, but with the Infinity's impressive miniatures.

But let me start from the beginning.

I went to Galicia some days earlier to spend some holidays there before the contest. My wife and I did a tour by car from different towns around like Coruña, Santiago, Vigo and another smaller places.

It's everything very beautiful so if you had time I recommend you to go and check it yourself.

But I'm sure you don't want to read about my holidays. The weekend was the main event and during Friday and Saturday while painting contest was still open to enter, and as I was part of the jury, I had not so much to do except have a look around and paint something in the fast painting contest (yep, I did, and I didn't win anything haha ;-P)

So I just moved around the game contest and saw people playing and had a look at the beautiful gaming tables. As I'm not a good player (also I don't know anything more than the basic rules) I couldn't understand the complexity of the strategies those top players were using, so my attention was attracted by the tables and the minis themselves.

I took some pictures that I'm sharing now with you. Also, I was pleased to speak with some people that told me they were using my tutorials to paint their miniatures. Thank you so much! I'm honoured! :-D

Well, most people that follow my blog are painters, so in fact, you are expecting to know a bit more about WarCrow.

Warcrow is a painting contest with only 3 prizes on each category (gold, silver and bronze) just the same as a Golden Demon, but with Infinity miniatures.

Those were the different options this year:

Infinity individual miniature. Any individual miniature from the Infinity Corvus Belli’s Catalogue
Aristeia! individual miniature. Any individual miniature from the Aristeia! Corvus Belli’s Catalogue
Dioramas. Two or more miniatures on a scenery element. Miniatures from Infinity or Aristeia! of the Corvus Belli Catalogue.
Platoon. A group of at least three miniatures from the same army or A! Team. Miniatures from Infinity or Aristeia! of the Corvus Belli Catalogue.
Bust of great scale figures. Any figure from Luxumbra catalogue.
Specialist Crow. The same miniature for all the contestants, chosen by the organization. This year’s miniature will be MAXIMUS THERMOPYLAE.

I took a selection of pictures (I'm sorry for the quality, they were taken by the phone). They are not all the minis on each one, but some of them I liked and I could take a good picture.

First of all the Infinity Individual Miniature:


Busts or Big minaiture (This year no one big minaiture was at the contest except busts)

Aristeia individual Miniature:

Specialist Crow (all people must paint the same miniature)


Finally, the Best of Show was to Steven García who won 5 or 6 Warcrows (mm I think we don't win one of the categories, not sure, it was like a deja vu...) with this impressive miniature:

And I had an extremely relaxing day sleeping a rest under the sun in the Cies islands the day after the contest. See you next year?

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