lunes, 30 de marzo de 2020

Painting Techniques - video 07/10

Hello again.

Those days for most of us are a bit Boring. Some countries are experiencing a quarantine because of Covid-19 Alert. Spain is one of those countries. We are starting our 3rd week isolated at home and we expect at least to be locked until 10th April at least.

So to combat loneliness I'm releasing some old videos that were exclusive of my old Kickstarter. This is the 7th one.

How to paint a HIGH END 70 mm face. Let's put all brush techniques on the same piece: direct painting with drag & drop, dry dotting, glazes, tones, light points, outlines...

Hope you like it and remember:

We all should be solidary and responsible those days, accomplish authorities indications and stay home. Let's make it funny at least ;-)

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