lunes, 19 de marzo de 2018

Painting DeathWatch Army: Week 2; #Warmaster's Crusade.

Recently, presented their challenge "Warmaster's Crusade"Basically, a couple of painters have a limited time to complete a 1000 points Warhammer 40.000 army.

As you know I'm participating aside them until checkpoint 3 in June where Warmasters must have completed 500 points army. My objective is to paint 710 points at that point.

Also, I'll keep you updated on the work I do every week I work on this Army. Past Monday I posted the work done in week #1 so I reach this point:

Do you want to know what happened in week 2?

lunes, 12 de marzo de 2018

Painting Deathwatch army: Week 1; #Warmaster's Crusade

Recently, presented their challenge "Warmaster's Crusade". Basically, a couple of painters have a limited time to complete a 1000 points Warhammer 40.000 army.

They did something close some months ago with "Age of Sigmar", but then it was a closed event, the difference right now is that this one is open to the community.

I followed closely the first one and I really want to participate in this second one, also, you know I love Space Marines, but my work usually doesn't allow me to paint what I want to.

Fortunately, this time I have a commission that fits perfectly in deadline and theme, unfortunately, it's not big enough to complete 1000 points. So I talk with Rafa (Volomir) to join them as the community until 3rd Checkpoint in June, where every Warmaster must have completed 500 points.

My commission consists of a 710 points army, top quality paint job, that includes the whole Cassius kill team + Deathwatch Warmaster. (12 Marines)

Also, I should complete them in about 8 weeks. I started on 5th March, so around 23th April (or 30th as I probably will take a holiday week in eastern), it's my deadline.

I want to share with you all my weekly advances.
Let's start then with week 1?

lunes, 5 de marzo de 2018

Infinity's Pan-O

This past month I had a break on the Haqquislam army commision to paint a couple of Pan-O minis for the same customer.

I really enjoyed painting the swiss guard. It's a very cool mini and looks awesome even in normal quality (remember these minis are being used to play). Also, Beba was a challenge as customer's intention was to use her as machinist proxy. I thought that a new colour scheme could help a lot to increase the feeling, also hiding a bit the mmm well "original concept" of the mini :)

You can see more views clicking here: