lunes, 8 de mayo de 2017

Infinity's Haqqislam Army: 4 new minis.

During past April's month, I finished another 4 models of the Haqqislam Army:

Do you want to see them?

I painted this time 2 Lasiqs: One of them with Viral rifle:

And the other one With a Sniper Rifle and a small conversion to add a combi rifle as an alternative weapon, so the model could be used in 2 configurations.

Also, I painted a Farzan too:

And a Fiday:

 Hope you like them!

2 comentarios:

  1. Una preguntilla: ¿Que colores has usado para los marrones de las placas de, por ejemplo, las grebas de las piernas?

  2. En realidad es un color crema. He usado una abse de Dheneb Stone (citadel fundation), la he iluminado solo un poco con ivory y luego he sombreado con scorched brown y dark red