viernes, 20 de octubre de 2017

ZBRUSH: Detailing the character

In the last post, I show you my character posed. I told you there are 2 ways to continue, posing and detailing or detailing and posing. I choose the first one so now I have to finish all small details in the hole model.

So, now that I know the final pose, I need to repair everything that becomes broken during the previous stage. Now it's easier because the new Zbrush version (4R8) includes a new gizmo that makes the moving and posing steps much easier than in previous versions.

I sculpted a new face instead the mannequin one to fit better the character's one. and also I started to add small elements like ribbons.

I also did some small details like the engineering parts of the back and a new hair is done with individual tufts of hair to have more control on the final looking.

We need to add the insignia too and also a texture to the dress.

 So we can say this stage is done, but there is still a lot of work to do until it's completely finished!

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