martes, 5 de junio de 2018

San Fernándo Weekend Workshop review.

This past weekend I went to San Fernándo, a close city to my location in the south of Spain to give a Workshop to some students, organized by Órbita Model's manager: Rafa, and with The collaboration of Nocturna Models.

As you know I'm not a big fan of workshops, so It's not very usual to have the chance to come to one of them. All the people were very excited, hope I didn't ruin their hobby forever _:D

So what we did there?

Well, basically we work on the Color theory and painting techniques. We used a great bust from Nocturna Models: Valkyrie:

It was my first workshop with a so big miniature, I used to choose 54mm miniatures and even this was a great piece, I think it's too big to practice, so my students noticed a lack of practice time as with the bigger areas time was not enough. I noted it and we'll try to fix it somehow.

We practiced so many basic techniques with brush and some basic introduction to airbrushing. I painted so many examples of different ways to approach an element.

Also, we practiced on a Luxumbra mini how to paint a male face:

And we used the same mini to illustrate a texture working

Finally, we show how to work on the female face and big areas using the mixed technique of airbrushing + brushwork

And they could see some finished miniatures I had in my showcase, they were watching all demos too from my lamp

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