jueves, 31 de mayo de 2018

WARCOW: Infinty's painting contest during Interplanetario (17,18-19 august)

This summer, during the Infinity's official tournament close to the Corvus Belli's Headquarters, aside, the painters will face up the official Infitny's painting contest: The Warcrow III edition.

It's going to be at Vigo, Spain, during 17, 18 & 19 August and it's very interesting contest where you can only enter official Infinity miniatures or Luxumbra collectors ones. Very close to the old Golden Demons, but still growing to become one of the biggest and funniest contests in Spain.

They also are fully filled with prizes, not only the Warcrow, that is very cool (believe me, I won some of them), but also, miniatures, core boxes, airbrushes, lamps... so many useful materials.

Past year I could not attend it, but this year was great in dates for me as that week I used to visit my family very close in Asturias. My first intention was to enter some minis to contest, but finally, I become part of the Jury with  Sergio Calvo, Sergio Luque, and Angel Giraldez.

Also, As I have so many Infinity minis to paint, I'll try to showcase some of them there.

Didn't you plan to come?

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