martes, 16 de octubre de 2018

Kingdom Death

I just finished painting those incredibly beautiful (and horribly hard) miniatures from Kingdom Death. Very small, thin and detailed 30mm sculptures.

Do you want to see a bit more?

Those sculpts are amazing itself, but they are very hard to work on. Very thin and fragile, very complex to build and impossible to pin.
They are a hard challenge even for the greatest modeller.

Anyway, once done they are small pieces of art undoubted.

 My customer has a very clear idea of what he wants, so he gave me detailed pictures of the colour scheme for them.  The biggest challenge was to adapt this to miniatures. and I had to enlight a bit more than requested the colours.

I think I achieved a solid squad of great looking minis.

PS. by the way, the pictures before clicking on them, are more or less real size

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