martes, 7 de abril de 2020

The Creature: Tiny Lead's Kickstarter "The Middle Land"

Yesterday one of my very old friends on this hobby, Antonio Fernández "Piqui", Owner of Tiny Leads, launched a new miniature's Kickstarter campaign to release a new line based on the old RPG games from '80s and '90s. It's called "The Middle Land"

It was successfully funded very fast, so I beg you to check it as Tiny Leads has a very particular vision of the miniatures always, with very expressive characters.

Also, They ask me if I can paint one of the 4 starting miniatures for them, "The Creature" in a very dark atmospheric way with a very greyish colour scheme. As he has only skin you can imagine what a challenge is to create something interesting with not so much colour, so I decided to go for a very contrasted OSL and projected painted shadows with a secondary orange light source and blue reflects.

Also, this Box Art is available at the campaign as a pledge level (as many others from other artists), so if you like it and wanna add it to your collection maybe you can check it out!

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