viernes, 2 de febrero de 2018

Shipping cost changes to USA, Canada & Worldwide

Dear Customers.

As you know, Arsies Studio always tried to offer the best shipping costs as possible and we did a big effort to keep them low when we opened the online Store.

Unfortunately, with the new year, our provider increased their rates, so I was forced to update the rates overseas.  In order to keep the prices reasonable, we are selling Arsies' Painting Toolbox offering shipping cost lower than our provider (that means, Arsies Studio is supporting part of the cost), but the rates are higher than expected so we had to fix them.

I know if you are from outside Europe, Shipping costs are very high, but those are the best rates we can offer at this time. We are still working hard to reach an agreement with Distributors or Stores outside Spain so you can save Shippings buying the books locally. Unfortunately, this step is becoming much harder than expected.

Hope you can understand this situation.

Javier "Arsies" González.

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