viernes, 2 de febrero de 2018

LABYRINTH Step by Step.

Well, this is not going to be a detailed Step by Step, the project took me one and a half month full time doing extra hours, so in fact, almost 2 months. I didn't take enough pictures to explain every step and it was so alive that everything could change from one day to another.

Also, I couldn't take studio pics at the end, as it is the BIGGER thing I ever did and it didn't fit into my lightbox.

So, it's going to be more like a "diary" of this piece. Now it's in the Museum of Miniatures of Milan . Some of you maybe could see it live during Monte San Savino Show past November 2017. I couldn't be there, but the diorama was entered to contest by MuMi with other smaller dios around the same movie's inspiration.

The first step I did was to build with wood and plastic card some walls and fill the joints with green stuff + milliput. As the backside must be perfect, we should put special efforts here. Most modellers don't take enough work here.

I did a small unevenness in the base of the walls as the movie seems so many walls like this. Again, I filled the joints and let the stuff dry

I used an automatic sander to clean the milliput in the back and get a perfect shaded surface.

If it's not perfect, we must repeat, and believe me, it's impossible to get a perfect shaded surface the first time.

I used some "Milliput Juice" to paint the surface. This will increase the adherence of next MIlliputa I must add to this parts. (*Milliput Juice: its a liquid done with a "milliput's vulcan". You need to do a mountain of milliput with a hole in the middle. then add water and remove until the water becomes green. Then paint the surface with it) 

I started to add Tiles done with Milliput. I use a "Pasta Machine" to get this Milliput sheets.

They should be as irregular as possible.

I did the same on the walls and later I added some sand mixed with white glue to add texture.

I primmed everything black and I added a slightly grey coat with airbrush from above. Then I painted with different brown tones the colour base of each tile. We'll get some richness in this way.

Then using an airbrush, I texturized everything while paint lights and shadows using the same tones in everything. So we get a floor done with the same material but every tile is just a bit different from the aside one.

I painted the base colour of the walls in the same way but using this time grey tones.

But I used the same colours as on the floor with the airbrush, so we get something very atmospheric, but a bit different from the floor.

I painted the three and the vegetation and added some stuff to create leaves.

The size is good enough for the scared Monster "Ludo"

I painted the "tiny" goblins at the same time to get same colours in both of them. "tiny" is a way to talk, they are both 54 mm! I had a lot of fun adding thousand of tones in the metallic armours.

They look great with Ludo, but there is a lot of space in the base's floor.

Before taking care about that, I started to paint the fur on Ludo. It's an easy job, but veeeeeeery tired. The only way to paint fur in the correct way is one by one :(

I used 2 different tones to paint last lights, blue on one side, and yellow in the other. Also, I starter to work on the skin's texture

Mmmm, looks fine.

Finally, I added some debris in the floor's dead space. Also, there are some mouses and birds in the scene. Can you find them?

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