jueves, 4 de julio de 2019

A bit more of the Aleph Army

Hi People.

While in our Facebook at Hydra Studio we were unlocking slowly those minis, I choose to keep them a bit more and post there in a bigger batch.

During past week we unlocked several new ones:

- Pay attention to the illumination of the base of this Dakini Tacbot. Generally, these types of remotes form the backbone of Aleph's forces, due to their variety of combat options and their cost of economic deployment.

Aleph Apsara Cyberdancer, equipped with a Submachine Gun. The main function of this light infantry is to improve the combat skills of the remote

The heavy hitters arrive! we reveal this Asuras. At the customer's request, for painting this force an army scheme with the details in blue was chosen. It is an original and atypical choice, which undoubtedly contrasts brilliantly with the whites and greys of the rest of the miniature.

Shukra Consultant armed with a boarding shotgun, and here we have half of the army unlocked!

From the shadows emerges this Authorized Bounty Hunter ready to shoot with her sniper rifle. This soldier of fortune is only interested in having a good pay, so save yourself the ideals and the propaganda when you try to recruit her.

Do you want a closer look?

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