viernes, 15 de marzo de 2019

Mortarion step by step; Week 2

The second week of Mortarion's WIP we did a lot of work here.
We could manage to finish both legs and stated the way we're going to paint several important elements.

Do you want to see how?

STEP 20: I continued working on the back of the leg painting shadow outlines in the same way as previously

STEP 21: Also I do with light outlines

STEP 21 (bis): here we can see the contrast between the cold side of the leg and the warm one.

STEP 22: using some orange brown and red I added some rust to damages

STEP 22 (bis): And some weather effects.

STEP 23: to paint this part I used a mixture of The Army Painter Alien Purple and Andrea MiniaturesCarmesi

STEP 24: To paint lights with brush I slowly addedAcrylicos Vallejo Ivory to the mixture and aplied several layers

STEP 24: I used some The Army Painter Alien Purple mixed with matt black to decrease light and paint shadows mixing to base tone.

STEP 25: I painted the shadow and light outlines

STEP 26: I painted the inner parts first adding slowly grey and white to black, and later, I applied some glazes of Games Workshop Hawk Turquoise in the down and some @Scale 75 Blood Red to the upper ones.

STEP 27: To paint Copper, I painted a basetone withAcrylicos Vallejo Orange Brown + Burnt Umber

STEP 28: Using Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush andJosonja's Folk Art Studio Inc. white I placed some light reflections.

STEP 29: Using Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush andJosonja's Folk Art Studio Inc. carbon black, I placed shadows.

STEP 30: Using Windsor & Newton brushes I painted so many glazes to fix the airbrush using games Workshop Iyander Blacksun, Hawk Turquoise, and @Scale 75 Inktense Yellow, Inktense red and Acrylicos Vallejo orange-brown. Nad also painted the outlines.

STEP 31: I added some Turquoise rust and started the knee

STEP 32: Painting other armour parts is exactly the same as the previous steps.

STEP 33: to paint steel parts I used a basecoat of games Workshop Adeptus Battlegrey

STEP 34: To paint lights I slowly added Acrylicos Vallejo Ivory to basecoat, and Black to shadows. Later I painted the outlines and some glazes of rust with Burnt Umber.

STEP 35: I finished the leg using the same steps as previously.

STEP 36: And also I started the other leg in the same way.

STEP 37: To paint the Skull I started with a black basecoat

STEP 38: Using a bit of wet blending and Games Workshop Adeptus battlegrey I placed the basecoat of the NMM

STEP 39: Slowly I add some layers every time a bit more mixed with Acrylicos Vallejo Ivory.

çSTEP 40: Lately, I scratched it a bit with small brush strokes and added a bit of colour with glazes of red and turquoise.

STEP 41: I finished the leg in the same way as previously.

STEP 42: I painted a basecoat of Andrea MiniaturesRedish Brown mixed with Scale 75 Royal Purple

STEP 43: I'm testing this Green Stuff World masking putty. I susally do not mask things, but let's give it a chance.

STEP 44: I rougly added some lights and shadows with airbrush using base + Scale 75 light Skin and Royal purple and black.

STEP 45: Using brush I marked a bit more lights and shadows.

STEP 46: I recovered a bit of medium tone usingJosonja's Folk Art Studio Inc. Naphtol Red light

STEP 47: I removed the mask very easily. I'm very surprised with this Green Stuff World masking putty.

STEp 48: Working with glazes I reinforced lights, shadows and mid-tones, and also I added some purple and turquoise to increase richness.

STEP 49: Using a dirty white (I can't remember which colour used, something from my palette), I sketched a simple freehand.

STEP 50: And I polished it and painted some lights and shadows.

STEP 51: And finally I painted outlines.

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