viernes, 22 de marzo de 2019

Mortarion Step by Step; Week 3

Hello again.

This week's work is a bit repeating the previous steps we did during weeks 1&2; It's an exciting week as we could finish a couple of pieces completely so the moment to start assembling them is closer (but probably not yet next week).

Let's see what we did!

STEP 52: After seeing past steps, completing the body is just repeat the same. Here we can see the first completely finished piece

STEP 53: now we can start the second piece. Armour and bronze trims are exactly the same as previous work in the body. 

TEP 53 (bis); slowly we are finishing details like blue rust

STEP 53 (bis): in the same way we finish the rust of the green parts.

STEP 54: To paint the black gun I first started using @Harder & SteenBeck Airbrush and @Acrylicos Vallejo Burnt Umber and @Josonja's Folk Art Studio Inc. titanium white

STEP 55: I decided to paint the inner outlines with @The Army Painter matt black mixed 50% with @Andrea Miniatures matt black

STEP 56: I also do the same with the light outlines using @Acrylicos Vallejo Ivory

STEP 57: I added some @Scale 75 blood red glazes to damages and also a bit of @The Army Painter alien purple

STEP 58: I tried to add a burnt effect to the front of the weapon with a degree from yellow to turquoise to red to purple, and a bit of carbon black painted as lines.

STEP 59: I painted the bronze trims exactly in the same way as in the body (see previous steps), and noticed that I need a bit more light so I added it using @Acrylicos Vallejo Ivory and @Games Workshop Hawk Turquoise.

STEP 60: In the same way I did in the leg (steps 23 to 26) I painted the organic parts, just making them different with different proportions of purple to basecoat.

STEP 60 (bis) here we can see the progress.

STEP 61: And the finished piece.

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