lunes, 6 de mayo de 2019

Infinity Haqqislam Maghariba Guard

Maybe you can remember a Christmas pic with this big guy :-)

The Maghariba Guard is the cream of the crop of the Haqqislamite army. This celebrated armoured regiment produces the units that form the personal guard of the Hachib, Haqqislam’s Prime Minister. TAG technology is very expensive and, even though the Maghariba Guard Regiment is not the only one equipped with these single-man armoured combat vehicles, it is the most prestigious. Due to its prestigious nature, the Maghariba Guard has been able to gather the funds to replace its old Artefaktech XPR-1 units, manufactured under license in Bourak with the codename Bokböceği (Turkish for “Beetle”).

The more advanced XPR-5 Akrep (“Scorpion”) has been retrofitted to improve its close combat capabilities and includes a cutting-edge anti-ballistic defence system. Due to the scarcity of available units, High Command prefers not to risk them needlessly; Haqqislamite strategy books do not include massive armoured charges. Instead, the Maghariba Guard acts as a heavy anvil against which the Ghulam Infantry crushes the enemy. This does not mean that Maghariba pilots are chosen for their cautiousness. In fact, they tend to be very cunning, using their inferior numbers as an advantage and clearing away enemies with an intelligent and precise display of their increased mobility and firepower.

It's a commission I did some time ago, but I couldn't handle to post before. Maghariba is a very big piece, cast completely in white metal, so it was very heavy and hard to handle. One of the hardest points of this piece was to pin it. It must support shipping and we all know our favourite postman is not used to take care with mini's packages O:-)

But on the other hand, it's a beautiful model and once painted is something everyone would want to have in their showcase.

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