viernes, 3 de mayo de 2019

Mortarion Step by Step; Week 6

Well, another intense week of work on Mortarion. Slowly I can start to see light after all.

This week I was painting secondary elements and details, but very important to complete the miniature.

Lets' see the step by step of this week's work:

STEP 107: I'll start the base. first I cover with Blue Tac the areas where I'll need to glue Nurgeletes later. I'm going to prime and texturise using Games Workshop texture paints: Astrogranite and Agrellan Badland

STEP 108: I painted with Games Workshop Astrogranite in the middle, and Agrellan Badland outside, using the base itself as a palette to mix them in the borders

STEP 108 (bis): So what we are looking for is something like this

STEP 109: I also primed with Andrea Miniatures German Uniform the stones once dry

STEP 110: I'll add some texture using a round brush to dry point the stones. Not a dry brush, we are looking for small dots to paint an irregular surface in a flat one

STEP 111: We also do with other colours darker than the first one.

STEP 112: Now I applied a soft dry brush

STEP 113: Using The Army Painter inks (that dry matt and are great washes) I add some colour with purple, red and green.

STEP 113 (bis): Once dry we should have something like this

STEP 114: I recovered a bit of the dry brush that was erased, I also added some cracks painting them with outlines

STEP 115: using Scale 75 Blood red + black I painted the inner wounds of the stone

STEP 116: And adding Acrylicos Vallejo Ivory I painted the lights so it looks like meat.

STEP 117: I glued Mortarion to the base, so now It's going to be more comfortable to handle.

STEP 118: Also, I glued the Nurgeletes. As you can see I'll need to repeat some of the base's steps to cover their small bases.

STEP 119: Let's start the scythe; I applied some base colors with Games Workshop adeptus battlegrey, Acrylicos Vallejo Orange brown + Scale 75 sahara yellow and @acrylicos Vallejo English Uniform

STEP 119: I applied Lights and Shadows using Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush to those 3 colors using Josonja's Folk Art Studio Inc. titanium white and carbon black

STEP 120: I correct and clean the color using glazes with a big brush and some mixes of Acrylicos Vallejo orange brown, Games Workshop scorched brown and Scale 75 inktense red and inktense yellow

STEP 121: I painted the black outlines

STEP 121: And using some mix of Acrylicos Vallejo orange brown, ice yellow and ivory, the light outlines too.

STEP 122: I painted the teeth with a base of Games Workshop kommando khaki, one light with Acrylicos Vallejo ivory and an airbrushed shadow of Josonja's Folk Art Studio Inc. carbon black + earth brown

STEP 123: I added some rust effects using Games Workshop hawk turquoise

STEP 124: I added a purple detail in the middle.

STEP 125: To paint the wood, I started with a dark brown basecoat

STEP 126: mixing base with ivory I painted some veins into the wood

STEP 127: And to finish wood, I Applied an airbrushed shadow with a dark brown.

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