viernes, 17 de mayo de 2019

Mortarion, Step by Step; Week 8

My plan was to finish Mortarion this week, but It was impossible. One of the hardest miniatures I ever painted is fighting back against my efforts so I'll need some more days to finish, but It's almost done!

Let's see the steps done this week:

STEP 136: Using Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush &Andrea Miniatures 2nd base (flesh set) with a bit ofThe Army Painter Necrotic Flesh I started to apply the basecoat

STEP 137: I also added some Scale 75 purple to the end of the wings. This step and also #136 must be repeated several times. Also, I used some white to mark lights

STEP 138: I repeat Steps 136 & 137 a couple of times to get a deeper colour.

STEP 139: Using the brush and a mixture of The Army Painter necrotic Flesh & Andrea Miniatures 2nd base with some Acrylicos Vallejo ivory, I sketch the lights

STEP 140: I also sketch the shadows mixin Andrea Miniatures 2nd base with The Army Painter matt black

STEP 141: I start now the Shadows outlines with almost matt black.

STEP 141 (bis) it's very slow work because of the incredible amount of details those wings have.

STEP 142: Using the same colours as in lights, but with more quantity of Ivory, I started to paint the outlines of the lights

STEP 142 (bis): Gaina, it's very slow work. It kept me busy several days.

STEP 143: I also must do the same in the other wing.

STEP 144: I temporary assembled one wing to see how colour fits.

STEP 145: Now I must do the same outlines work in the "arms of the wings"

STEP 146: Also with the outlines of the lights.

STEP 147: Using Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush I added some pink colour to the start of the wing's arms.

STEP 148: Also, I added some The Army PainterTurquoise tones to the cold parts of the wings and some Scale 75 Sherwood green to the warm ones.

STEP 149: Now I added some red tones to the pustules. As you can see I'll need to repeat some outlines as they become covered.

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