viernes, 10 de mayo de 2019

Mortarion Step by Step; Week 7

Mortarion is entering the final stretch. Only a few details left after this week's work.

Let's see what we did this week:

STEP 128: I added some Games Workshop Hawk Turquoise details to the Scythe and painted the hand in the same way as the servoarmour. Then I glued it.

STEP 129: I followed steps 71 to 77 & 81 to 83 to paint another part of the upper cloak. In this way, it fits perfectly with the old one.

STEP 130: I painted the small Nurgelette with red skin and a purple cloak following steps 78 to 80

STEP 131: To finish this piece I painted smoke as steps 103 to 105.

STEP 132: Also I painted this other Nurgelette in a Turquoise skin tone using ochre to paint the cloak

STEP 133: I painted the bronzes as in the armour (steps 27 to 31) and the chain (steps 100 to 102)

STEP 134: I primed the wings in a cenital way.

STEP 135: And that's how Mortarion is looking at this point. Only wings left.

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