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Finishing the Aleph Army

For those who follow our Hydra Studio Facebook, those minis are not new as we were posting them continuously. For those who prefer to read a post like this briefing everything, let me present you the finished Aleph Army!

 Let's have a look at the last batch!

- Armed with a pistol, a boarding shotgun and an exquisite taste for the clothing, this mercenary (CSU) will be in charge of protecting the most important members of this band.

- This Dakini Tacbot equipped with a pistol and Combi Rifle is the perfect economic option to generate orders and occupy objectives.

- This one is equipped with a Sniper Rifle, and although this option is more expensive, it is also more dangerous. If you pay attention, you can realize that in the Dakinis don't use the red and purple contrast colours that are present in the rest of the army's miniatures. Don't they look colder and artificial this way?

- Shakti armed with an Mk12 sniper rifle and a knife. And for enemies who cannot knock down with their weaponry and their aim, she has a Killer Hacking Device.
If you look closely, in this miniature the purple contrast colour has been applied very subtly, in the details of the telescopic sight, the mask, and the base.
As a curiosity, the name of Shakti is a term that comes from Hinduism and is the word used to represent when the energy of a Deva (Male God) is personified as his wife in the form of a female Goddess.

- Post-humans are the next evolutionary stage of Humanity. Entities that live in cyberspace and that can be downloaded into artificial bodies to act on a physical level. A Post-human can deploy several of their bodies in the area of ​​operations, and jump from one to another, covering each other, to achieve designated objectives.

- Danavas are Maya’s Gestapo. ALEPH’s very own boogiemen, constantly prowling the data spheres. And you never want to find yourself in their naughty list. In actuality, they are specialized Aspects of ALEPH tasked with monitoring data networks for illicit or seditious activities and pursuing those responsible with the most extreme of prejudices. In fact, if the Danavas catch you, they won’t be content with killing you; they will purge you out of the informational domain. When they are done with you, nobody will even know you ever existed. How can they so remorselessly mete out such extreme form of punishment? Much like their namesakes from Vedic folklore, the Danavas are inhuman creatures.

Do you want to see them bigger? Click here:

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