lunes, 26 de agosto de 2019


Finally, Final pics of Mortarion are here!

It took a while to edit all of them as we were very busy at Hydra Studio, but right now one of the harders minis I painted in my life is here!

So many details, a lot of effort, almost 2 painting months at full time... and hard shipping partially unassembled (that forced me to take pictures with a provisional assembling).

It was a very hard job but we can be proud of it.

Also, if you click on "read more" you can also read some impression of how hard is to take pics of a mini as big as this one.

Please click to see all pictures
How hard is to take pictures of a miniature as big as this one?

At our Hydra Studio's photo studio we took 30 pictures to compare which one was the best set up, with 2 different cameras (Olympus E-420 & Olympus EM10 Mark II) with 2 different setups (first one a lightbox with a led strip + 2 normal focus + 1 tube lamp; Second one with no focus in a dark box and indirect natural light at high exposure).

Of course, every shot needed some adjustments. 
Lightbox shots were more focused, lighter, with more contrast and vivid colours, but we loose tones and some information in the dark areas.
Natural light shots were darker, a bit blur and desaturated, but we gain instead more richness about colour tones and we got better information in the darker areas.

After first levels adjustments, we chose to go with E-420 shots (which gives us less resolution but better colour) done with lightbox. Then we had to adjust colour to fit the mini as best as possible, for what we needed to cut the pic in several different areas to compensate those ones were focus doesn't reach the same intensity than others. For example, we need to cut & adjust the scythe in a separate layer. also for example with the farthest Nurgeletes or other areas.

Editing job took us several hours during a couple of weeks. Also, Cut the background to add our Hydra's logo is a delicate work in a complex mini like that.

Everything was done to show our work as better as possible, but also, as accurate as possible to the original miniature.

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