viernes, 22 de mayo de 2020

Infonity: Orc with feuerbach

Only the best soldiers can aspire to join the heavy infantry units that make up the Heavy Tactical Group, better known as “Orc Troops”. The nickname, Orc, originates from the name of the company that develops their combat armour, the ORC Corp. (Omnia Research Creation Corporation). The Orc Troops have earned the reputation of being veterans that always take part in the most aggressive operations. As multi-purpose heavy infantry, Orc troops are assigned to the fronts of the most intensive battles, to establish the toughest line of resistance, and to try and break through the enemy lines.

As another complement of the infinity combined army, I'm painting as commission, this Orc is one of the funniest miniatures I painted recently. Cold tones are a priority here, also an intense blue was a requirement. 

Hope you like it.

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