lunes, 25 de mayo de 2020

Kingdom Death: Pinup Chef Female

Many Great Game Hunters would readily accept death before accepting a poor meal. Their travelling kitchens are obstinately impractical, able to produce a feast under even the harshest circumstances. Rival houses know that a surefire way to hamstring their competitors is to find a weakness in their kitchen. An extra-rich stew laying too heavy in the belly or a spoiled, gut-wrenching ingredient may be a hunter's undoing. To this end, hunters shower their chefs with riches and keep the threat of grievous harm close at hand.

Painting Kingdom Death pinups it's always something strange to me. I'm always afraid before starting because they are usually very hard and fragile miniatures who deserve very special care and I'm not always confident enough in my skills. Also, at the same time, I enjoy a lot the challenge and I usually like them a lot once done.

This time it was harder for me, don't know why but it finished not in the way I had previously in my head, not worst or better, just different. 

This time I don't know what to say about her. 

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