lunes, 16 de abril de 2018

Painting DeathWatch Army: Week 3; #Warmaster's Crusade

As you already know, presented their challenge "Warmaster's Crusade"Basically, a couple of painters have a limited time to complete a 1000 points Warhammer 40.000 army.

As you know I'm participating aside them until checkpoint 3 in June where Warmasters must have completed 500 points army. My objective is to paint 710 points at that point.

Also, I'll keep you updated on the work I do every week I work on this Army. Past Monday 19th I posted the work done in week #2 so I reach this point:

I couldn't paint in a few weeks on this army because I had some urgent Boxarts to paint. But this week I could do some work on them.

Do you want to see what I did in week 3?

Past week I completed the white robes on all marines to have a small color contrast. As for those who have a head instead of a helmet, this week I painted the first basecoat a flesh as they were so distracting. Not the best basecoat ever, just something to forgot the blue.

And this week decided to finish the black servoarmours. Seems not so much work, Shadow outlines were done, so I just needed to paint the light outlines and some reflections, but that's not a fast task.

Painting properly at this quality a light outline in a reflective material means a basecoat + 3 lights, and we are talking just about the outlines!

The first outline I did was a mixture of dark blue sea and Pale Grey Blue. I used the same mixture in all the outlines but switching the proportions to increase Pale Grey blue (until the last one that is pure color) and decreasing Dark blue Sea.

Also, I increased the reflections on the pre-shaded areas painted with airbrush previously cleaning them after that with glazes.

As I told you seems not a lot of work, but doing it in 12 marines is an incredible amount of time.

Also, I know the example marine is not the best to show this kind of work so you can check this one instead.

And at last, here it is the group picture.

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