jueves, 12 de abril de 2018

MINI VIDEO TUTORIAL: Painting light outlines and reflections on a dark shiny armour

Well, my intention is to share as much as I can (I've not so much time) small video tutorials, from 1 to 5 minutes everyone with a small part of WIP I'm painting.

This is my first one so the camera set-up is not perfectly adjusted.

Here I show you how I do paint in half of a leg the first light outline and freehand over airbrush pre-shaded some reflections. I said "first light outline" because outlines also have their own lights, and I'm planning to paint another 3 lights over those ones.

I used 3 different mixes of dark sea blue (Vallejo model colour) and pale Greyblue (Vallejo model colour) using the lighter or the medium one as the base for reflections (according to zone) and the other 2 as glazes to clean the lines.

Some parts are at 3x speed, not as fast to not see anything, but not so slow to be boring.

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