lunes, 23 de abril de 2018

Painting DeathWatch Army: Week 4; #Warmaster's Crusade

As you already know, presented their challenge "Warmaster's Crusade"Basically, a couple of painters have a limited time to complete a 1000 points Warhammer 40.000 army.

As you know I'm participating aside them until checkpoint 3 in June where Warmasters must have completed 500 points army. My objective is to paint 710 points at that point.

Also, I'll keep you updated on the work I do every week I work on this Army. Past Monday 16th I posted the work done in week #3 so I reach this point:

This week I focused on painting the steel and silver plates. Let's see what I did:

It's quite hard to take WIP pics of true metallic metal work. I tried to do my best and take as much as possible, but I had to discard so many of them as you can't see any difference.

For your interest, I follow my own step by step on painting Grey Knights more or less.

I changed a couple of things, like where to put the lights and shadows to fit better with the reflective (like NMM) black armor.

The first step was to paint a basecoat of boltgun metal over the black basecoat. This paint works much better over black.

The second step was to paint on the mechanical parts (the inner of the shoulder pad, articulations, and some other inner parts) a first airbrushed shadow using a mixture of black and scorched brown.

The third step was a bit different from Grey Knights. As I wanted to paint reflections, my usual way to paint increasing light would be a trouble as it's way hard to see where I painted the previous light, so instead, I sketched the reflects using white in the silver plates.

In the next step, I cleaned the lights using a mixture of dry dotting and glazes mixing slowly the white with silver and then adding slowly boltgun.

Then I painted the silver plates shadows using first dark blue sea and later adding some bits of black and scorched brown. Finally, I applied some glazes with inks, with check nut & black to mechanical parts and with check nut & blue to silver ones.

The last step was to paint some light outlines using matt paints, a couple of creamy & white tones are enough.

As it happened the past week, the step by step model chosen is not the best to show how it looks at the end. Please check this one instead:

And this is how they look all together:

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