lunes, 23 de abril de 2018

Painting DeathWatch Army: Week 4; #Warmaster's Crusade

As you already know, presented their challenge "Warmaster's Crusade"Basically, a couple of painters have a limited time to complete a 1000 points Warhammer 40.000 army.

As you know I'm participating aside them until checkpoint 3 in June where Warmasters must have completed 500 points army. My objective is to paint 710 points at that point.

Also, I'll keep you updated on the work I do every week I work on this Army. Past Monday 16th I posted the work done in week #3 so I reach this point:

This week I focused on painting the steel and silver plates. Let's see what I did:

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2018

Weekend Painting Workshop in San Fernándo (Spain)

English readers, as this post is mostly related to Spanish readers, allow me this time to use my native language:

Queridos lectores.

El primer fin de semana de Junio, impartiré un curso de pintura en San Fernando (Cádiz). Organiza Rafa Muriel, gerente de Órbita Model .

Explicaremos y detallaremos técnicas básicas, teoría técnicas aplicadas, avanzadas y conceptos básicos de aerografía. (No es necesario aerógrafo y compresor, pero si recomendable, si todos o la mayoría de alumnos disponen de uno enfocaremos parte del mismo temario al uso de la herramienta).

Habrá tiempo de aprendizaje, de demostraciones y de práctica, y trataremos de hacer el ambiente distendido y cercano. Podéis ver un par de reviews de cursos anteriores que he impartido en JEREZ y VALENCIA

Si estáis interesados, os ruego que os pongáis en contacto con el organizador del curso, Rafa, bien sea por facebook mandándole un mensaje a su tienda Órbita Model  o a su email y el os podrá informar mejor sobre localización (no será en la tienda que se queda pequeña para un evento así, sino en un local cercano), tarifas, materiales necesarios, horarios y si fuese necesario, alojamientos.

lunes, 16 de abril de 2018

Painting DeathWatch Army: Week 3; #Warmaster's Crusade

As you already know, presented their challenge "Warmaster's Crusade"Basically, a couple of painters have a limited time to complete a 1000 points Warhammer 40.000 army.

As you know I'm participating aside them until checkpoint 3 in June where Warmasters must have completed 500 points army. My objective is to paint 710 points at that point.

Also, I'll keep you updated on the work I do every week I work on this Army. Past Monday 19th I posted the work done in week #2 so I reach this point:

I couldn't paint in a few weeks on this army because I had some urgent Boxarts to paint. But this week I could do some work on them.

Do you want to see what I did in week 3?

jueves, 12 de abril de 2018

MINI VIDEO TUTORIAL: Painting light outlines and reflections on a dark shiny armour

Well, my intention is to share as much as I can (I've not so much time) small video tutorials, from 1 to 5 minutes everyone with a small part of WIP I'm painting.

This is my first one so the camera set-up is not perfectly adjusted.

Here I show you how I do paint in half of a leg the first light outline and freehand over airbrush pre-shaded some reflections. I said "first light outline" because outlines also have their own lights, and I'm planning to paint another 3 lights over those ones.

I used 3 different mixes of dark sea blue (Vallejo model colour) and pale Greyblue (Vallejo model colour) using the lighter or the medium one as the base for reflections (according to zone) and the other 2 as glazes to clean the lines.

Some parts are at 3x speed, not as fast to not see anything, but not so slow to be boring.

miércoles, 4 de abril de 2018

Mesa redonda en Órbita Model

El próximo Sábado 7 estaré en Orbita Model (San Fernándo), haciendo una presentación, mesa redonda y firma de libros.

Si os queda cerca y os apetece acercaros a charlar de forma distendida sobre el hobby un ratito, y ver un poco desde vastidores cómo he acabado aquí, empezaremos sobre las 12.

¡Sed bienvenidos!

jueves, 22 de marzo de 2018

Closed for eastern

Hello People.

Arsies Studio is going to be out for eastern until next 3rd April. We'll keep receiving emails and be answering them, also the store will be open too, but we'll not complete shipping until next month.

Thank you for your patience.

miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2018

Euphoria Miniatures scenography

During the Hispania Wargames, I went a few weeks ago, I had an interview with Oscar, manager of Euphoria Miniatures.

He is a great guy that runs a small miniatures brand with a great and funny game. Also, he was preparing several resin packs of Scenography that were very impressive for modern tabletop 30mm games.

He is selling them on their webpage in packs at a very good price. Also, he requested me to paint some of them. It was a quick job, but very funny. I also recommend these items if you want to have a great table to play.

You can buy them on their webpage:

lunes, 19 de marzo de 2018

Painting DeathWatch Army: Week 2; #Warmaster's Crusade.

Recently, presented their challenge "Warmaster's Crusade"Basically, a couple of painters have a limited time to complete a 1000 points Warhammer 40.000 army.

As you know I'm participating aside them until checkpoint 3 in June where Warmasters must have completed 500 points army. My objective is to paint 710 points at that point.

Also, I'll keep you updated on the work I do every week I work on this Army. Past Monday I posted the work done in week #1 so I reach this point:

Do you want to know what happened in week 2?

lunes, 12 de marzo de 2018

Painting Deathwatch army: Week 1; #Warmaster's Crusade

Recently, presented their challenge "Warmaster's Crusade". Basically, a couple of painters have a limited time to complete a 1000 points Warhammer 40.000 army.

They did something close some months ago with "Age of Sigmar", but then it was a closed event, the difference right now is that this one is open to the community.

I followed closely the first one and I really want to participate in this second one, also, you know I love Space Marines, but my work usually doesn't allow me to paint what I want to.

Fortunately, this time I have a commission that fits perfectly in deadline and theme, unfortunately, it's not big enough to complete 1000 points. So I talk with Rafa (Volomir) to join them as the community until 3rd Checkpoint in June, where every Warmaster must have completed 500 points.

My commission consists of a 710 points army, top quality paint job, that includes the whole Cassius kill team + Deathwatch Warmaster. (12 Marines)

Also, I should complete them in about 8 weeks. I started on 5th March, so around 23th April (or 30th as I probably will take a holiday week in eastern), it's my deadline.

I want to share with you all my weekly advances.
Let's start then with week 1?

lunes, 5 de marzo de 2018

Infinity's Pan-O

This past month I had a break on the Haqquislam army commision to paint a couple of Pan-O minis for the same customer.

I really enjoyed painting the swiss guard. It's a very cool mini and looks awesome even in normal quality (remember these minis are being used to play). Also, Beba was a challenge as customer's intention was to use her as machinist proxy. I thought that a new colour scheme could help a lot to increase the feeling, also hiding a bit the mmm well "original concept" of the mini :)

You can see more views clicking here:

jueves, 15 de febrero de 2018

ISAMI: A Tiny Leads release

As you know last year I was doing a Digital sculpting master in Zbrush. It took me 8 months to complete it. Now I'm proud to present the first commercial miniature I did for Tiny Leads: ISAMI, the war child:

It's a small miniature great to use as a proxy in games as Infinity or Euphoria, or any other you like.
It's based on Little Armory action figures.

Also, you can see the renders. The miniature was offered during Hispania Wargames as pre inscription miniature on their painting contest, but you'll be able to buy it online in the Tiny Leads Store the February 26th:

miércoles, 14 de febrero de 2018

martes, 13 de febrero de 2018

Hispania Wargames 2018

Como todos los aficionados a los wargames sabréis, las Hispania Wargames es una cita ineludible en el calendario para aquellos que quieran estar a la última en novedades de juegos de mesa (no solo wargames) dentro del panorama Español.

Ya queda poco para la edición de este año, solamente 10 días, y Arsies Studio (o sea mi mujer Cris y yo), estaremos allí un año más.

En principio estaremos como aficionados a los juegos de mesa. Sin embargo, también habrá un ratito de labor profesional, puesto que soy parte del jurado del concurso de pintura junto con Pepe Gallardo y Studio Giraldez. Además tendréis ocasión de comprar en persona "Arsies' Painting ToolBox" y si queréis que os lo estropee firmándolo pues yo encantado :)

Recordad que este año, el concurso de pintura tiene un premio en metálico de 1000 € patrocinado por Mom Miniaturas a la mejor obra realizada con miniaturas de su marca (permitidas conversiones hasta cierto punto). ¡¡Si lo llego a saber participo!! ¡¿y tu a que esperas?! aún te da tiempo de pintarte una.

¡Nos vemos allí!

lunes, 5 de febrero de 2018

New shipping Options, Hispania Wargames and English version temporarily out of stock

Dear Customers.

We have so many news today. First of all, I want to introduce the new shipping options in the store.

As you could read past Friday, we were forced to increase our courier rates overseas (outside Europe). You can read a bit more HERE if you didn't before. That was not for our taste, but it was something we had to do.

As our first intention was always to offer the best product at best price possible, we thought that even if Courier was the best option to send something, it's also the most expensive, so we closed an agreement this morning with our local postal service to access to new rates using Ordinary Mail service.

Now we have best rates that go from 1,45 € to Spain (from 4 to 6 working days and to pick up at your closer postal office) to a flat rate of 9,05 € Worldwide (from 7 to 21 working days).

Those rates are estimated for 1 book. They are increased automatically by the store if you buy more than 1 book.

So now you can choose them in the store if you prefer to save money on shipping. Remember ordinary mail services does not have any tracking. Just click here and choose the better for you:

Also, we introduced a Temporary free option to collect personally during the next Hispania Wargames that are going to be in Málaga (Alhaurín de la Torre) next 24th & 25th February. I'll be there with my wife as I'm a judge of the painting contest. I'll be probably in the judge's stand with Timeline or in the Tiny Leads Stand with my friend Piqui.

Just print your confirmation email and look for me there. Also, I'll sign the book for you if you wish :)

In the other hand, We have good and bad news about the English Edition. The good news is that we are in contact with a distributor and they seem to be really interested, so maybe sooner than later you can find the book locally if everything goes fine.
The bad news is that they locked all my remaining stock until I can do a reprint (a couple of weeks). Anyway you can do a preorder and we'll ship it as soon it comes back to stock again.


Apreciados clientes.

Tenemos muchas noticias hoy. Dejadme comenzar presentando nuevas opciones de envío en la tienda online.

Como se pudo ver el pasado viernes, nos vimos forzados a incrementar las tarifas de nuestro servicio de envío por mensajería en los envíos internaciones (fuera de Europa). Podéis leer un poco más AQUI si no lo habíais visto. No fué de nuestro agrado pero era algo que había que hacer.

Como nuestra primera intención siempre ha sido ofrecer el mejor servicio posible al mejor precio posible, siempre hemos pensado que el servicio de mensajería, aún siendo el más caro, era la mejor opción. Sin embargo, vista la situación, esta mañana hemos firmado un acuerdo con Correos para ofrecer un servicio ordinario de buena calidad a un mejor precio.

Ahora tenemos nuevas tarifas que ofrecer que comienzan en 1,45 € para envíos a España (a recoger en la oficina de correos más cercana de 4 a 6 días laborables) y una tarifa plana para todo internacional de 9,05 € (de 7 a 21 días laborables)

Estos precios están estimados para un único libro, la tienda los actualizará automáticamente en función del peso si compráis más de uno.

Así que ahora podréis escoger la opción que más os convenga si preferias ahorrar un poco en los gastos de envío. Recordad que el servicio ordinario no tiene seguimiento. Para seleccionarlo, al hacer vuestro pedido simplemente picnhad aquí:

Además hemos incluido una opción Temporal Gratuita para recoger en persona durante las próximas Hispania Wargames que se celebrarán en málaga (Alhaurín de la Torre) los próximo días 24 y 25 de febrero dado que soy juez en el concurso de pintura y estaré por allí con mi mujer, bien sea en el stand de jueces con Timeline o en el stand de Tiny Leads con mi amigo Piqui.

Simplemente imprimid vuestro correo de confirmación de pedido y buscadme por allí. Además si queréis os firmo el libro :)

Por otro lado, tengo buenas y malas noticias para la edición en Inglés. La buenas es que estamos en contacto con un distribuidor que parece interesado, por lo que si todo va bien, más pronto que tarde tendréis el libro disponible en vuestra tienda más cercana.
La mala es que de momento han bloqueado todo el stock que me quedaba en Inglés hasta que hagamos una reimpresión a lo largo de este mes. Aún así, podéis hacer un prepedido y se os mandará tan pronto como vuelva a estar disponible.

viernes, 2 de febrero de 2018

Shipping cost changes to USA, Canada & Worldwide

Dear Customers.

As you know, Arsies Studio always tried to offer the best shipping costs as possible and we did a big effort to keep them low when we opened the online Store.

Unfortunately, with the new year, our provider increased their rates, so I was forced to update the rates overseas.  In order to keep the prices reasonable, we are selling Arsies' Painting Toolbox offering shipping cost lower than our provider (that means, Arsies Studio is supporting part of the cost), but the rates are higher than expected so we had to fix them.

I know if you are from outside Europe, Shipping costs are very high, but those are the best rates we can offer at this time. We are still working hard to reach an agreement with Distributors or Stores outside Spain so you can save Shippings buying the books locally. Unfortunately, this step is becoming much harder than expected.

Hope you can understand this situation.

Javier "Arsies" González.

LABYRINTH Step by Step.

Well, this is not going to be a detailed Step by Step, the project took me one and a half month full time doing extra hours, so in fact, almost 2 months. I didn't take enough pictures to explain every step and it was so alive that everything could change from one day to another.

Also, I couldn't take studio pics at the end, as it is the BIGGER thing I ever did and it didn't fit into my lightbox.

So, it's going to be more like a "diary" of this piece. Now it's in the Museum of Miniatures of Milan . Some of you maybe could see it live during Monte San Savino Show past November 2017. I couldn't be there, but the diorama was entered to contest by MuMi with other smaller dios around the same movie's inspiration.

miércoles, 31 de enero de 2018

Haqquislam Daylami.

3 new minis for this army were completed during January.
One of them, in fact, is an AMBH (authorized bounty Hunter) painted as Daylami proxy. Hope you like them.

Next infinity commision means a pause in the Haqquislam army to paint some Pan-O and a mercenary.

martes, 16 de enero de 2018

Arsies' Painting ToolBox Second Edition (unlimited) already available

The second edition of Arsies' Painting ToolBox is now available in the Online Store.

This redesign of the first edition includes the same content as the first one but revised and "remastered".

Remember you can access the store also on FaceBook as on my own webpage:

First orders could be delayed a bit while we prepare the preorders. Also, we had a delay in the delivery of the packaging so Shipping could be increased a couple of days.

¿Quieres verlo en Español?